Day 48

I think we are on the mend at The Swamp. I managed mostly a full day. Hopefully, I will be back to normal next week.

Feb 22



Day 47

Still sick and frustrated.

Feb 21


Day 46

Here’s a photo of me beside one of Lydia Knox’s originals. We are still the house of sick here at The Swamp.

Feb 20


Day 45 – I am sick and tired of being sick and tired edition

The title sums it up. I took today off work so I can keep trying to get better. I have to work tomorrow as I have so much stuff to do. I am hoping my lungs will improve a bit more by tomorrow. It would also be helpful if leg and foot cramps didn’t make me scream and swear at 3 and 4 am last night. It was brutal. It feels like the muscles in my foot are trying to break my foot. I know it sounds overly dramatic but that’s what it feels like! The only other worse cramp is the inner thigh muscle.

Feb 19


Day 43

There are so many things I want to write about but I am having trouble forming sentences let alone well-composed paragraphs. So, here is a bulleted list:

  • Our trip last week to Ucluelet was great. We talked and talked and talked. After 20 years we are still very much in love and what’s even more important we like each other.
  • Never drive to Ucluelet in the dark. Trust me, just don’t do it.
  • Barry’s pharmacy in Ucluelet gets the big award for customer service. They were technically closed on Family Day but they let me in and he filled 2 emergency prescriptions for me for thrush and my rash. It was bad and I was a desperate woman. They had just moved from Manitoba a month ago. At one point, he looked at me despondingly and said: “it’s been raining for 4 weeks.” I laughed and asked him if he knew to where he had moved. I consoled him with the fact that it’s not minus a million degrees and snowy.
  • The prices for groceries in Ucluelet are outrageous!
  • We stayed at Anchors Inn in Ucluelet. It’s exactly as advertised and it was a wonderful place to hang out. The dogs had a great time getting down to the beach several times a day. They got to meet a seal!
  • We found out that if you make a reservation on BC Ferries you are pretty much guaranteed to be on the top deck where you can stay in your vehicle. This was important to us as we had Stevie and Sawyer with us.

I am still sick, which sucks. It’s in my chest and really wreaking havoc with my asthma. Here’s today’s lovely photo:

Feb 17


Day 42

I am so very sick. I even emailed into work that I wouldn’t be around because I am that freaking sick. It means I am missing a meeting but oh well. I think in the almost 3 years I have been there, I have missed maybe 5 meetings out of over 300!

Feb 16


Day 40

We are home now. It was a long driving day yesterday. Lots to tell everyone about the trip but I am really sick right now, so not today. We had a great time as did the dogs. Here’s today’s pic. Back to the grind:



Oh and it snowed.