Today we made the decision to officially adopt Mabel and Molly from SAINTS . Mabel came to us as a foster dog at the end of February. She had some issues the main one being that she was peeing blood. We did some exploratory testing at the vets and stopped as the only way to determine what was wrong would be surgery and you don’t do surgery on 15 year old ShihTzus. Turns out it was likely only a bladder infection which has been cured by a long course of antibiotics and the switch to a raw diet which lowers the pH of the urine making it less likely to have recurring infections.

Here is Miss Mabel Mae or Maybe Baby as she is affectionately known here:

Mabel Mae

Mabel has taken over our house and our hearts. She loves her raw food and her cooked chicken even more! Welcome home Mabel Mae.

Molly is a 17 year old pomeranian with no teeth. She came to us a week before my mother was coming to visit in April of 2007. In hindsight, not really a good plan as she is incontinent. She has a had a few strokes and she kind of leans to the right in everything she does. She tends to go around in circles. But her main claim to fame is that she is the original pilates dog. This dog stretches her legs out many times a day. She does it when she is happy and excited and sometimes we can get her to do it on command. What is really funny is when she does it because she wants attention.


Molly has also embraced raw food. She does not let lack of teeth slow her down either. She will tackle pieces of meat larger than her head. I have seen her strip a chicken leg in under 15 minutes. Molly loves people so much at times it seems like she can’t get herself close enough to you for a snuggle. Welcome home Molly!

We are honoured to have Mabel and Molly join our family. So many people throw away their senior animals for one reason or another. Sometimes it is incontinence, a new baby, moving to a pet-free building. We need to remember that it is a privilege to have the love and companionship of an animal and when we take on that responsibility it is for life. Mabel and Molly, for whatever reason, lost their homes. We will make sure that never happens to them again.

Adopt a senior animal.

One thought on “Today, we made it official…

  1. Welcome to the fray Despot Mabee Baby, you wild and crazy chicken monger. I love you.
    Welcome also little Miss Spinning Yoga Dog Mollie. Long may your shark attacks reign. I love you, too.

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