Is it really getting worse (and other items from the blogosphere)?

In light of my difficulties with the CBC (to which no one has yet responded) I have been asking feminist women I know if things seem to be getting worse. By ‘things’ I mean racism, sexism, open misogyny, sizism, ableism etc. The general consensus seems to be yes, it is getting worse. Then I started asking why. Why are things getting worse? We have a good economy and relative prosperity – if you belong to one of the privileged groups. The answer that seemed to make the most sense to me was war. Our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan. American and the ‘coalition of the willing’ are losing soldiers in Iraq with no end in sight. The number civilian casualties in Iraq is huge. Oh, and there is genocide going on in Darfur.

It seems that being fat is one area where many people feel that it is ok to discriminate. A woman in Britain, who weighed 245 pounds died because the paramedics were too busy cracking fat jokes to actually get her to the hospital. I would bet that many professional athletes (think football players) might weigh 245 pounds. I fail to understand why they could not move her to the hospital.

Still on the issue of weight there was a study released that did not make the media. Why is this you ask? Well, because it did not confirm general beliefs about healthy eating. In a nutshell, there was an 8 year study done on post-menopausal which tried to determine the benefits of healthy eating. The split the women into 2 groups – one group followed a low fat, ‘healthy’ diet and the other group ate what they wanted. They found no statistical difference in rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer etc. Another surprising result was that there was no difference in weight. Yup, that’s right. While the healthy eating group initially lost some weight they had gained it back years before the end of the study. What does all this mean? I am not really sure. I would say that for most people weight is not a simple matter.

One more interesting thing about weight. One blogger has completed a BMI project. Basically, she took pictures of women and calculated their BMI. It really shows that the BMI is an inaccurate and arbitrary measurement. Fascinating.

From Shakespeare’s Sister: Did you know that “when sexual arousal reaches a certain point, the person goes insane?” This is quite the little gem of misogyny and homophobia from Oral Roberts. And we wonder why American Republicans are so screwed up they have no idea when they are engaging in homosexual behaviour.

One other update: Mr. Lube did send me a cheque to reimburse me for the cab ride home after they drained my transmission by mistake.

My life with an almost 2 year old Pug

So, it would appear that Piper has hit the terrible twos. She officially turns two at the end of November. She appears to be taking the terrible twos to a new level. Lately, she has been horrible. She would rather eat grass than pee in the morning. Now, when it is not raining this is annoying enough but in the rain it is almost intolerable. I am not sure why she thinks she needs to be a cow but last time I checked pugs don’t graze. I have had to put her back in her crate twice in the last couple of days as she just won’t cooperate. One does not want to let her roam the house until she has gone outside. It seems like this sets her behaviour for the day.

So, once she pees and is given freedom in the house and then the asshole behaviours start. She harrasses Molly (17 year old pom). I guess she enjoys the shark attack. Then she is on to Mabel – who she likes to chase around the house. Sometimes Mabel will play with her but I don’t think she is to into it right now given that she just lost 11 teeth and had a mass removed. Then there is poor Clio. Piper has dragged Clio around by her tail since she was 6 weeks old. Clio is blind and brain-damaged and it is truly unfair. We came up with a strategy that basically involves put the pug into a time out. I have done that the last couple of days. I really, really, really hope this behaviour passes soon!!!

Other dog updates – Mabel came through her dental and mass removal with flying colours. She was eating chicken and most importantly barking for chicken within 2 days. She is totally back to herself now, bright-eyed when she is awake, sleeping hard and going for her walks in the yard. Molly is well and is stretching more for us now. She is hysterical – she will go into a whole stretching routine when she wants attention. Everybody else is doing really well too.