Ok, I am now convinced that I live with a woman who has gone over the edge. Deb loves her dogs, we all know that. But the question is: How much does Deb love her dogs? She decided that they needed homemade, dehydrated liver treats. This involved boiling liver and then drying it in the oven all night. I got up this morning and was retching from the smell! I am not sure how Angelina slept all night through the stench. Even our most powerful incense has not been enough to kill the smell.

One might ask why Deb is making these treats. And somehow I get factored into the reasoning. She claims to be doing it so that Piper will stop fence-fighting with the new neighbours dogs. So, there it is now all my fault that the house smells so bad.

2 thoughts on “The Stench!

  1. The dogs love, love, love dried liver treats. Full stop. Being the good Mama, I want to make my puppies happy. The fact that Piper the crazed Thug Pug will actually respond to her name when there is something delicious in it for her is just a bonus.
    Somebody is just jealous that the dogs love me best. Probably because I’m the one who cuts up boiled liver to dry, makes grotesque “liver brownies”, not only for our dogs, but the three new dogs next door, slops through the rain and mud to play fetch, and seems to have a “Chuck-It” permanently attached to my right arm. They are my perfect puppers, what’s a little barf-encouraging odour between best friends first thing in the morning?

  2. My dogs want to know if they can come live next door to you too. Their mama doesn’t make them stinky liver treats (though she does love liver! And sometimes shares a little when she cooks it for herself!). But they do get really, really, really stinky tripe treats which they might trade for stinky liver ones.

    Chris, it’s great to see you back on the blog. I’m not a facebook fan (too much ID theft there), so seeing you back to blogging is good news. Glad to see you and Deb have retained your sense of humour through it all, and that you are well on the road to recovery.

    I love reading the blogs of other animal-addicted women!

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