So, we had a huge thunder and lightening storm last night. Mackenzie, one of our dogs, is deathly afraid of loud noises, espeically thunder and fireworks. She once had a seizure she was so afraid. After that happened we got her some acevet which is a tranquilizer. It works fairly well as long as you get it into her quickly enough. Well last night the storm started at around 3 am and she was already too upset. Deb gave her 2 acevet anyway and put a tight t-shirt on her. Tight t-shirts help afraid dogs feel more secure. You might wonder why she is like this and this is where the title comes in. Kenzie was left outside, on a rope, with a prong digging into her neck for the first 4 months of her life. She was outside for the storms, the fireworks and whatever else went on. She was kicked to make her aggressive. While she has come a long way we do think there is something wrong with her brain. She is very aggressive towards new dogs. We used to think it was something that happened when she snapped except now she is starting to go out of her way to nail dogs. She has to be kept separate from other dogs for everyone’s safety.

The other reason people suck is that they starve dogs. Kenzie was definitely starved. Tucker has also been starved – he is quite skinny and is always looking for food. Clio was also starved as was Mabel. A starved dog never forgets what it was like to be hungry. They are always looking for food. It is a fine balance to make sure they get what they need to eat without making themselves sick. Meals are scheduled here and there are lots and lots of treats the rest of the time.

One thing we guarantee every dog who comes here – they will never again know hunger, abuse or lonliness. They will have a soft bed to sleep on and they will be well looked after. We ask for nor needing anything from them.

3 thoughts on “Why People Suck…

  1. my buddy Chester is a Shepherd – Spaniel cross. He has a similar early life,not because of deliberate cruelty but through ignorance on the part of the persons responsible for him. He spent most of his young life locked in a crate for most of every day, with no play and not attention. He too has an issue with other dogs which I suspect is due to his not having any socialization with other dogs when he was young. He came to me when he was about 9 moths old and has come a very long way. We have overcome most of his agression with other dogs but your story just made me realize why he is such a glutton and thief when it comes to food. I suspect no that he may also have been underfed. A lot of dog owners know nothing about the needs of a puppy and don’t even try to learn. It is my opinion that pet shops should sell pet supplies, but not pets. Only regulated breeders should do so. I also believe that people who want pets should be required to receive instruction in their needs and care. That’s my rant for today, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

    regards, Geoff Frusher

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