Well, Deb and I have managed to get ourselves banned from this blog. Why you might ask? Well it appears that Deb’s passion for dogs ‘offended’ the author and I was banned too because we share the same ip address. The author was feeling ‘dissed’, because her dog Junebug was not happy to see her after an almost two month abscence and she was wondering whether or not she should just leave the dog in its current place. I commented that perhaps the dog was punishing her and that she would be sad if she was left there.

Deb read the post and commented as such:

Okay, so what was the point of this little story? You are selfish? You are irresponsible? You have a dog for all the wrong reasons? Junebug is no longer your dog? Junebug decided to remain loyal to her family, the family you have dumped her with time and again?

If you have one ounce of humanity in your egomaniacal little soul, you will walk away, leave Junebug with her family, and not look back. You will, for perhaps the first time in your life, think of Junebug’s needs first.

Oh, and the next time you think about obtaining a living being to be your security blanket, the next time you want an animal so that you can play with her/his emotions in order to make yourself feel good, the next time you want to hurt a dog over and over again by dumping and reclaiming him/her, don’t. Just don’t.

Dissed? I think not. It’s not even payback. It’s just you getting called on your abominable behaviour.

Good luck, Junebug. I hope you and your family have a long, happy life together.

Here is a link to Zuzu’s next post on the matter where she informs us we have been banned.

Now normally I would not bring a discussion like this to my blog I would keep at it the original site. But seeing as I can’t comment there I have no choice but to bring it here. Here is what I would write if I were allowed to comment on the other site:

You will have to excuse Deb’s passion. You see we have 9 dogs and all but one of them is a rescued dog. We have a dog who has been in a pen for 15 years. We have two dogs who 17 and 19 years old who have lost their homes for various reasons like cancer and incontinence. We have a dog who came to us as a foster almost 10 years ago who was so shy they were going to put him down. We have another dog who is aggressive and who likely would have been euthanized because of her behaviour towards other dogs. We have a blind, brain-injured dog who was thrown out of a moving vehicle in a Macdonald’s bag, like the trash. We are tired of cleaning up other peoples’ messes when it comes to their dogs. Sometimes that frustration boils over when confronted with a post like yours. You are treating the dog as property rather than a living, breathing, feeling animal. So yes, perhaps she was a little harsh. Was she wrong? Hell no.

I wonder if zuzu will have the cajones to post the link to here. Let the games begin.

6 thoughts on “Getting banned from other people’s blogs

  1. There will be no responses but mine, Chris. This person, “Zuzu”, is a bully (as well as a lousy dog owner), who hides behind the power of being able to moderate. She wanted to hear “Oh poor poor Zuzu. Her dog doesn’t want her anymore, what a shame.” It’s so bad that I feel a song coming on.” What Zuzu got, at least from me, was not touchy-feely crap, it was reality, as you can read above. Zuzu is too cowardly to go head to head on her blog. Hmmmm, I wonder why? Maybe my little dose of “get over yourself” would cause others to respond to your blog pragmatically. The truth hurts, ZuZu.

  2. You’re wrong Deb, there will be mine too.

    One thing I love about both of you is that you call it like it is. You don’t put up with other people’s crap or excuses. You live true to yourselves and true to your beliefs. I LOVE that about both of you.

    If people can’t hack hearing things they don’t like, they shouldn’t be saying it out loud (or online). It’s the f-ing internet, if you can’t hack it, write a freaking journal!

    I agree completely with you both.

  3. Oh, by the way Chris, I don’t want anyone to “excuse my passion.” I am what I am, and part of what I am is pretty much a zealot when it comes to dogs. I have my belief system, and it’s pretty fanatical, but Maddie, Kirby, MacKenzie, Clio, Piper, Keifer, Mollie, Mabel, and Sienna,( my niece dog) are my family, and anybody who treats his/her dog as anything less than family is a smaller, less worthy and beyond contempt. I do not want to be affiliated with people who neglect their dogs. They are just not worth my time, time that I use gratefully to be with my dogs.

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