I am an avid user of almost all of Google’s applications. I use gmail, google reader and google calendar. There are many advantages to using web-based applications.

1. When your computer goes down you don’t lose your email. Right now, my computer is in the shop for various problems. I did not have to scramble to copy email addresses and other things I might need because they are all in gmail.

2. You never have to re-type your address and contacts again. Once they are in gmail they are there to stay. You have access to them from any computer or handheld device with internet access.

3. Labels!!! Labels rock in gmail. Instead of using folders gmail uses labels. You label conversations and then you can search for that label with a click. You can also colour code your labels.

4. Searching in general is very robust and fast in gmail.

5. Google Reader is an excellent RSS aggregator. It allows you to follow many blog feeds as you want and read them from one central place. My only pet peeve is that with some blogs the whole blog does not come into reader. I believe this is a setting put in place by the blog owners.

6. Searching is also very easy in google reader.

7. Back to gmail for a second – it preloads your email so you don’t have to wait, like most web-based email programs, for the message to load.

8. Google calendar is integrated with gmail so you can schedule stuff from your email. You can also invite people in your contacts list to meetings etc.

9. There is lots of room in google calendar for extra information you may want to add about an appointment.

10. You can also set up numerous calendars in google calendar. For example, I have one for appointments and one for things to do.

11. One more thing I love about gmail – you can have multiple addresses coming into your gmail account and choose which ‘account’ you want to send email from. This works really for people who have multiple email addresses but who don’t want to check them all the time.

I have used google docs but only in a limited way. I am thinking that is next on my agenda.

2 thoughts on “Tech: I love Google

  1. I’m a big iGoogle user too. I have had formatting issues when importing Google docs to Word, but otherwise I love how easy it is to email a document. Did you know that you can share a file & edit it with someone else simultaneously? I also like not having to save things on a memory stick or a hard drive somewhere.

  2. Yes, I did know that about google docs. I have some stuff up there but I think I am going to start using it more. I love all of the other products – especially gmail.

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