I have a lengthy comment from Mike which you can go and read in the original post. I was going to answer him in the comments section but I think it would be better served as a post of its own. So here goes.

Mike says:
“I don’t think justice was served here, but I disagree with feminists who use such allegorical “evidence” as proof that western political legal system treats women like chattel. Thats quite a stretch. By in large western legal systems take domestic violence seriously.”

It is in no way allegorical. Our laws our based on English commonlaw which viewed women and children as chattel.There is nothing allegorical about that. Altough laws may be updated, here and there, they are still largely written by men for men. The old boys network is alive and well and protects men like Scott Young.

Mike Says:
“People, especially people in power, get away with doing bad and illegal things all the time. Maybe Scott Young knew the right people, had a good lawyer, or just was lucky. By your line of reasoning I could look to OJ Simpson and argue that black people in the US can get away with murdering white people. I strongly disagree with feminists who use incidences like this to push their narrow self-serving agenda.”

Perhaps rich black men do. But this is not about race – this is about domestic violence. There is no ‘narrow self-serving agenda’ here. Unfortunately, the problem of violence against women, in all its forms, is so pervasive that dismantling it would shake our society to its very core. It is seen in the discourse of advertising, our jokes, our culture, our religions, the way we raise male and female children differently. We are not even aware at times when violence is being perpetuated against women. Open your eyes and look around. It is on tv, on the radio, in the locker room and in our homes.

Mike says:
“No society has ever tolerated violence against women. This is feminist historical revisionism. Rapists in medieval Europe were flayed alive (had their skin removed). The ‘rule of thumb’ myth was taken from a misquotation of statement made by a US judge in the 19th century who actually sentenced the male abuser to jail.”

This society sure as hell does!!! It goes on all the time. Many women don’t report rape as they will just be assaulted again when they come up against the male dominated justice system. Forget history, look at the situation today. Look at the murder suicides where men kill their entire families and then themselves. And before you trot Andrea Yates – she was mentally ill and had had so many children and sufferred such horrific untreated post partum depression that she went crazy. What is the excuse of the men?? Look at the honour killings in the South Asian community in BC. I could go on and on. These are not feminist revisionist events. These are real women dying every single day.

Mike says:
“Women are abusers in relationships as well as men. Domestic abuse has less to do with ‘Patriarchy’ and more to do with disfunctional partners and drug and alchohol abuse. Women stalk, kill their husbands and kill their children too. There are bad people of both sexes the same way there are bad people of all races. Just because in general men are capable of inflicting greater injury on women does not mean that men are the only sex capable of commiting evil, or even that society is run by men.”

Yes, some women might hit some men sometimes. Boo fucking hoo. Look at the stats – men kill and beat women at much higher rates then the reverse. Really, this is just a straw man argument to take us off course. Many men are conditioned to believe that they can treat women anyway they want. Furthermore, they have seen that the consequences are a slap on the wrist – conditional sentence with an 8 pm curfew? What the hell is that about? If this is what our justice system is doing to women when we are watching what is it doing when we are not?

Mike says:
“Society does not treat women worse than men. Men have always been the greatest victims of violence in war, genocide, and crime. The vast majority of victims of violent crime (murder and assault) are men.”

Sorry Mike another straw man argument. Who starts the wars? Who keeps them going? Certainly not women. Yes men die in war. But so do women, civilian women. Rape is an instrument of war and I am pretty damn sure that most of the people being raped are not men. Civilian women and children suffer the most in war. The soldiers have a choice. At least in the case of the US – they signed up for it this time. (This of course would be different if concription were in place as it was in other wars). However, the men are still paid to go to war. Even the women working for the international companies in Iraq are not safe from rape. So, tell me again how it is that men suffer? Oh ya, they get to carry big guns, shoot people, and get paid. Sounds like the wet dream of many a teenage boy.

5 thoughts on “Our Justice System – Redux

  1. As a survivor of a violent relationship, I’d love to add my 2 cents here.
    I was beaten quite regularly by a man, a military cop to be exact, on a regular basis. I was 16 at the time, and it changed my view on the world. And it aged me psychologically quite a bit.

    What is the impact on a 200lb man who’s hit by a 125lb woman? Mistrust? Absolutely. Physical injury? Considerably less often. The reasons men that men raise their fists to women (the actual incidents) are ridiculous. I got choked, and given a black eye once over eating too many chocolates out of the advent calendar when my then-boyfriend was away for training. I got shoved in a cold shower for asking why he took a BB gun out and shot out a car window. I got locked in a closet for hours for climbing out the window to play in the fresh snow in the back yard (there was no door). Then I got ABDUCTED off the street TWICE by him. See, I was late calling him, I was out for coffee with one of my female friends. Grabbed off the street, and thrown in the back of his car. One time I was handcuffed, my head was covered, and I was taken to one of his friend’s houses. The second time resulted in his arrest at gunpoint. Even though he had abducted me off the street, illegally confined me, assaulted me, his sentence was 6 months probation. Despite the 5 police cars, and the 3 police motorcycles that were there to arrest him, he got 6 months probation.

    Don’t tell ME men don’t get away with it. I know first hand that they do. My emotional scars will last forever. Hi probation lasted 6 months.

  2. Most men will never “get” the kind of fear you experienced, Christine. It is through ignorance, arrogance or stupidity that men fail to understand, or choose not to understand, the abject fear a woman can be subjected to as a matter of course.
    Even if a man “just” threatens physical harm, it can destroy a woman’s confidence. It’s worse when there are children involved, because most mothers will die for their children, and most men who are abusive know that.
    There is no rationalizing why the man who terrorized you was not thrown into prison for a very long time. Had he subjected a man to this abuse, do you not think it would have been taken more seriously? I certainly do.
    So, in Mike’s mystical world where violence against women isn’t tolerated, I guess the fact that you will bear psychological scars for the rest of your life is just a blip, the exception, not the rule.
    Stay strong sister.

  3. This just in:

    Man facing attempted murder charge after N.S. woman abducted, beaten by boyfriend

    Sun. Aug 10 – 12:21 PM

    A Nova Scotia man is facing seven charges including attempted murder after a woman was assaulted by her boyfriend.
    Halifax Regional Police say the 28-year-old woman was abducted by her boyfriend on Saturday in Dartmouth.

    Police say she was taken to a wooded area nearby where the man punched, slapped and kicked her while armed with unspecified weapons.

    The woman managed to escape and call police, who say she did not require hospitalization.

    A man was later arrested and is facing charges that include attempted murder, abduction, assault and unlawful confinement.

    The 30-year-old man will appear in court in Dartmouth on Monday.

    I read four newspapers today, Mike. No stories about women abusing men. Curious, given your belief system.

  4. As someone who’s been threatened and nearly killed by my ex and had the police refuse to help me, I’d like to question that unequivocal “society does not treat women worse than men”. Cute wishful thinking there, dude.
    And as a language snob, I’d just like to point out to Mike that it’s “by and large”, not “by IN large”. If you’re going to be condescending to women and tell us we don’t know what the hell we’re talking about, do it correctly. Also, these ‘medieval society rules’ you’re talking about- do you cite sources? You should, otherwise it sounds like you just made all that up.
    Your logic sucks, your tone is arrogant, and you have the attitude of someone who’ll more than likely never be raped. In other words, STFU.

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