So, folks, it looks as though we are going to have an election. Nothing official so I guess we are in the official unofficial period before the actual election is called. The Conservatives (Cons hereafter) have already started their attack ads. It looks like the Liberals are in complete disarray and don’t stand a chance in hell of even getting a minority government….but…you never know what can happen and I would argue (and seriously hope) that Stephane Dion has been completely underestimated.

Now, the skeptics among you would definately laugh at me. I think the man needs serious pressure to actually accomplish something. Look at what he did in the Liberal Leadership Race. He was not expected to win it – he was fourth when the convention started behind an ex-hockey player. Yet somehow, through guile and wit he pulled it off. Granted he needed three votes to actually win it but he does have cred as a dragon slayer. He took down Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae both formidable politicial opponents. To their credit, they have remained loyal to him even though he took them out, so to speak.

Another thing about minority governments (here is where that Masters degree in history comes in handy) in Canada is that the party that forces the election generally pays at the polls. This realty combined with the fact that the Liberals were in shape to have an election has kept Stephane from pulling the plug. It has made him look like a patsy. I am hoping this is strategy on his part. He certainly didn’t look like leadership material going into the convention and he was seriously underestimated by his opponents. I seriously hope the Cons and Harpie make the same mistake. They are just arrogant enough (somewhat like Michael Ignatieff) that this is a real possibility.

One can also hope that one of Harper’s right-wing nutbars will shoot his or her mouth off creating a big gaffe for Harper to deal with. It is one thing to control a tight group of caucus members, it is quite another to control every candidate in every far flung area in Canada. I believe this is a reasonable hope as right wingers have a penchant for doing this kind of thing. Which is why Harper has kept such a tight lid on his caucus.

We shall all now start wishing and hoping (praying, meditating..whatever works for you!!) for a Liberal Minority Government.

I am going to hope that Stephane is going to be the little Liberal who could…either that or I am completely delusional and will require serious medication.

5 thoughts on “Can Stephane be the ‘little Liberal who could?’

  1. Poor poor Mr. Dion. Even his own party is asking for clarification on his “Green Tax on Everything.”

    There will be no minority government. Stephen Harper will be the Prime Minister for keepsies after this bloodbath ends. It’s frightening, because Harper was the kid in school who everyone made fun of for being a geek, way before being a geek was a good thing, and now he’s going to have control over an entire country filled with people that he remembers as his tormentors. It’s “Revenge of the Nerds – Canadian Edition.”

    It’s unfortunate the Happy Jack Layton isn’t ever going to be challenged as anything but an also ran. A federal NDP official opposition would keep the Harpie Stepford government hopping in unison.

    The Green Party…..well yeah, there is such a thing.

    The country is going to punish the Liberals for failing to bring down the government on any of the occasions when little Stevie was taunting “nanner nanner boo boo.” There were so many opportunities for the Stephane Dion to prove he deserved to run a political party. He’s proven he couldn’t successfully run a Tupperware party. He is not Prime Minister material, which is sad, because I believe he is a decent, extremely intelligent and honest man.

    Our election won’t have all the thrills and chills of the US race for President….does Michelle Obama wear frumpy dresses? Is Sarah Polin her child’s grandmother? We have a fight with Russia over the North Pole, though…..riveting stuff.

  2. I would never hope to predict how this election not yet called is going to go. I don’t know if the Conservatives get be back in with another minority or if Dion will impress people during the campaign and eke out a Liberal minority or, horror of horrors, the Conservatives will manage to grab a majority even with less than 40 percent of the vote. I am hoping, of course, for that middle scenario to play out. If this crew gets a majority, we are in for some serious trouble. I just hope it doesn’t take a Harper majority to show Canadians just how wrong that would be for Canada. We might not survive the lesson.

  3. Well to quote my favourite history professor “Every generation must suffer a Tory government.” It may be that the time has come…sigh.

    The only thing that we can hope is that he is moderated by how things will be perceived in Ontario and Quebec. The rest of the country doesn’t really matter as majority governments are made and lost in Ontario and Quebec.

    I am longing for the days of Jean Chretien – a true leader.

  4. “He was not expected to win it – he was fourth when the convention started behind an ex-hockey player. ”

    Dion never trailed to Ken Dryden, who is much more than an ex-hockey player, being a lawyer, published author, and excellent thinker. When I saw the leadership candidates speak when the caucus was in Vancouver, the two best speakers were Dryden, who gave an impassioned (yes) defence of real Canadian values, and Martha Hall-Findlay. Too bad neither of them had a chance of winning.

    Dion had the delegates to place third on the first and second ballots, at which point Gerard Kennedy withdraw and gave his support to Dion. I was in my car on my usual Saturday grocery shopping run, listening on the radio. When Dion led after the third ballot, I had to pull over, because I was weeping for joy. I never back a winner! At that point, I figured he’d win on the fourth ballot, and he did.

    I have my doubts about the wisdom of my choice now. I keep hoping for some pleasant surprises in this campaign. The smug, nasty right wingers so need a spanking.

    I do miss Chrétien sometimes, but not Trudeau, unless he learned some economics. We couldn’t afford him.

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