In light of the probable upcoming federal election, it would appear that the Conservative rats are jumping ship. Unfortunately the ones who are quitting provided most of the depth of experience to Harper’s cabinet. David Emerson, Loyola Hearn and Monte Solberg have announced that they are not running again.

It comes as no surprise to me that David Emerson has decided to quit. After being elected a Liberal in Vancouver-Kingsway and crossing the floor to become a Conservative Cabinet Minister – his chances of re-election were slim and none. He was the target of a very long “de-elect Emerson” campaign that one can still see lawn signs for in the riding. No doubt he would have been dogged by disgruntled constituents whereever he went with no hope of even winning his seat. David Emerson, while unable to listen to his constituents certainly can read the writing on the wall.

Losing three key cabinet ministers does not bode well for the Harpies. It is hard not to speculate as to why. While it is clear why Emerson is not running again, that is not the case with Hearn and Solberg. One has to wonder if the short leash Harper keeps his cabinet ministers on has begun to feel like a stranglehold. No doubt as they head into the election Harper’s minions are going to be everywhere to ensure that everyone stays on message. Unfortunately for Harper, radical right-wingers are notoriously hard to control. Rob Anders is a perfect example of an MP with radical right-wing views who is hard to control. He once called Nelson Mandela a terrorist! He has also had controversy and court challenges to his continued nominations by acclamation.

By pulling the plug on his own minority government Stephen Harper risks losing it all. Some Canadians are going to view him as greedy and arrogant thinking that he can get and deserves a majority government.  Canadians are not generally favourably disposed to avarice and pomposity. We tend to like our politicians humble and simple. Just ask Brian Mulroney…

2 thoughts on “The Conservative Rats are Jumping Ship!!

  1. Like you, I don’t wonder so much why David Emerson decided not to run, but Loyola Hearn and Monte Solberg are more puzzling. Then again, Solberg especially has never received the kind of portfolio he deserved, and we’ve hardly heard from him in this government. I always thought Solberg was thoughtful and pretty decent for a Reformer. Maybe that’s he never made it big with the Harper gang. Peter MacKay should be flayed for his betrayal of the Progressive Conservative Party and of the kind of values it used to espouse under Joe Clark. This Conservative Party has always been a thinly disguised Reform Party, and it’s growing more hard-line all the time.

  2. Sadly, the Harpies will still win, although it may be a minority government (yet again!) because to many voters, there is no viable alternative. The Liberal Party seems to have imploded, and many Canadians would rather eat nails than vote for the NDP.

    Stephane Dion is not a natural leader, although, given the opportunity, I think his cabinet and caucus would perform well, making him appear stronger than he is.

    Stephen Harper is a Despot in a democratic costume. He doesn’t want to share the sandbox, he wants to be the only one playing in the sandbox, and he doesn’t want anyone near the slide, the swing set, or the monkey bars either.

    I’m thinking Stephane Dion never climbed the monkey bars as a kid…..he probably read the safety manual aloud to everyone else on the playground, though, and in both languages.

    It’s kind of unappealing, really. We’ll have the choice of a little dictator, a scholar surrounded by frat boys and the few women who are willing to have their lives seen as open books and enter the political fray, or the slacker dude who has never had to prove himself.

    Oh! Canada!

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