I just found out that Lorne Mayencourt, yes the author of the “Safe Streets Act” and member of the BC legislature is running for the Cons in Vancouver Centre. Now the Cons have a gay candidate. How on earth can Mayencourt justify running for a party that is fundamentally opposed to LGBTQ rights? What on earth does he think he can accomplish? With his penchant for being an outspoken maverick how does he think he will fit into Harper’s despot-like regime? Going up against Hedy Fry will also be incredibly difficult – just ask Svend Robinson who tried in the last election when he ran for the NDP.

H/T to Slap Upside the Head

4 thoughts on “Federal Election 2008: It just got worse

  1. The Conservatives hypocrisy knows no bounds and it seems they are desperate to win – so desperate that they will go against their fundament beliefs by having a gay candidate.

    It is clear that such desperation should be a warning to all Canadian voters about what the despotic regime of the Conservatives would do if they won.

  2. Hedy Fry should send Lorne Mayencourt back under whatever rock he crawled out from under.

    There is a special place in hell for gay conservatives.

  3. Unless you are a rich, straight, cis white male voting for or being a member of the PC is against your best interests…I guess colluders come in all classifications.

  4. The Cons don’t want to waste a potential winner in Hedy Fry’s riding. She’s as nutty as chipmunk shit, but she seems to be unstoppable.
    There are a million and one (or two) reasons to detest Lorne Mayencourt, he has now given us reason one million and three.

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