Is there still a chance it will be Prime Minister Dion??

The content of this blog is made up of a comment I put on Not to be Trusted with Knives in response to a question about how the Governor General might be able to ask the other parties to form a government should the current one fall.

I am not the resident historian/political scientist but I do hold a Masters degree in history with a minor in political science…so here goes.

As most of your readers likely know, the Governor General (GG) is the Queen’s representative in Canada. While some of her duties are written down many are down by ‘convention.’ Which basically means it has always been thus and therefore we can assume (generally speaking) it will be done this way again.

So, in the case of the government falling due to a non-confidence vote – the PM (AKA the Harpie) can ask her to dissolve parliament and call an election. Convention has dictated that the party who holds the largest number of seats is asked to form the government. Technically, the GG could ask whoever she wanted but that would be ignoring convention – which is not generally done. When a government falls quickly then the GG can ask the party with the next largest number of seats if they can form a government.

If this scenario comes about it will be tricky. To my knowledge it is the King-Byng affair which is instructive in this case but it does not match exactly. In 1926 King called an election. He got less seats than the Conservatives but combined with the Progressive party there was enough to form a coalition so King did not resign. It quickly became apparent, due to a scandal, that King did not enjoy the confidence of the House and therefore asked Byng to dissolve parliament. He refused, instead asking the Cons to form a government – which they did.

If the Opposition parties can form an alliance (I would be surprised but I suspect they are desperate given the thought of staring at the Harpie for much longer) then perhaps the GG will ask the Liberals to form a government.

I think this is bad strategy and a bit desperate but I guess the Libs figure they have nothing to lose…

Our Mabel-Mae

mabel in fleece
mabel in fleece

Mabel came to us from SAINTS in February of 2007. You can read some of her history here from the SAINTS blog. Mabel came to our house to die. She was urinating blood and she had a big cancer tumour on her neck. As soon as she arrived she commandeered the laundry room as her domain. It was quiet and she could sleep and be out of the way of the thundering herds in our house. She quickly made her presence known which is not easy in a house with 7 other dogs. We asked nothing of Mabel and gave her everything she wanted. She quickly made her food preferences known. She liked the raw food we fed the other dogs but she had a real penchant for chicken and Cesar dog food. One day we gave her ham – she was fairly sure that it was heaven on earth. The next time we cooked a ham she barked at the stove for 90 minutes straight while it boiled. She could smell it and she wanted it!

Mabel lived life on her own terms. She preferred to be dirty and smelly and would turn into a Tazmanian Devil whenever Deb bathed her. She often connected but I don’t think she ever drew blood but it was not for lack of trying.

After several months at our house Mabel developed a small tumour on her leg. We took her to the vet and had it treated. In the beginning they thought it was a lick granuloma but it never healed. At the same time the vet checked her teeth and she needed a dental. She seemed healthy enough so we opted to have blood work done and if all was ok we would proceed with the dental. Her blood work was not only ok, her liver and kidney function had improved. So, we went ahead with the dental and had the tumour removed. She came through it like a trooper!

She enjoyed two summers at our house. She would do her daily constitutional around the yard and then come back in. We had a couple of scares like when she became quite disorientated while on antibiotics for her leg but she improved again.

Mabel lived for food. She ate 4 or more times a day usually within a time period of four hours. Deb would feed her and Mabel would bark an hour later and Deb would swear and feed her again not believing that a little dog could eat so much. I found it quite amusing that Deb would attempt to ‘reason’ with Mabel. She would say things like: “You just ate! You can’t be hungry again” and Mabel would continue to bark. Then my favourite line was: “If you stop barking I can feed you more quickly” and Mabel would bark louder. She simply did not care. We were her slaves – she knew it and never let us forget it.

Rest easy Miz Mabel-Mae. You were a force to be reckoned with and you were loved.

My favourite pic of Mabel. It captures her confidence!
My favourite pic of Mabel. It captures her confidence!

SYTYCD Canada – The Results

I am not sure what is up with Canada and why the voting is so bizarre but this show is close to losing all credibility. The main problem, as I see it, is that Izaak is still there! Every single week he is told that he is weaker than his partner and he needs to ‘step-up.’ Yet, week after week, he is not eliminated. We are now at the point in the show where only votes count, the judges have no say. I bet they are kicking themselves that they did not get rid of him when they had the chance.

Last night Vincent and Arassay were eliminated. The four women left: Arassay, Lisa, Allie and Natalie are all ridiculously talented but I am shocked that it was Arassay who went last night. She is strong, talented and exotic and she can dance circles around some of the others. For the guys, it was Izaak and Vincent in the bottom I am dumbfounded why it was Vincent who went. He had two very solid performances the night before and Izaak was weak and told to step up for the millionth time. All of my favourites are gone now: Danny, Frances, Arassay….


I have written before about Scott Young, now the former mayor of Port Coquitlam. He was convicted for assault after he attacked his former girlfriend and her new partner. Then he got off with a slap on the wrist.

Mr. Young seems to feel that the city of Port Coquitlam cannot survive without him and apparently 2178 people agree with him. He didn’t run for mayor this time but he did run for city council and he received over 2000 votes. What is that about?

The message this sends is horrible. Basically the 2178 people who voted for Scott Young are saying that it is ok that he assaulted his former girlfriend. Normalizing violence against women means that it will happen more often and be more severe. Those men in society who are pre-disposed to committing violent acts will look at this and come to the conclusion that there are no real consequences for violence against women – and they would be correct. How many times do perpetrators get off with a slap on the hand and a wink, wink, nudge, nudge from the ‘old boys’ club? It is disgusting and it needs to stop. Shame on those 2178 people in Port Coquitlam who have told Scott Young that assaulting his former girlfriend in an alcoholic rage was just fine.

I am an idiot…

My health has been pretty good for the last several months. i have been taking immune suppresant drugs and my colitis has mostly been in remission. I still struggle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome but it is manageable. So last night when I was woken up with a familiar pain I could not understand why it was there. I have not had that kind of pain in several months. I took some emtec and was able to get back to sleep. When I got up this morning I still had the pain and I couldn’t figure out why. Then, it dawned on me, how much of an idiot I am. I ate popcorn yesterday. Not much but it was mostly the little pieces that is all brown kernels. Popcorn (like nuts) is an enemy to those of us with colitis. The little pieces irritate the hell out of the colon and cause a lot of pain. So, I am suffering today. It is a good reminder that I am not out of the woods yet. I still need to be very vigilant with what I eat or I am going to be in trouble again.

The spectre of colitis right now is very large. It was about this time last year that my health began to spiral out of control. I am so afraid that my improved health will be lost. I have worked very hard to become more healthy and get back to work. My doctor says it will take quite a while before the anxiety lessens. I take my medication religiously and it is working. I also tolerate the immune suppresants very well. In my case, if the immune suppresants stop working I am likely going to have to consider colon removal if this happens again. Having enjoyed relatively good health for the last couple of months I don’t think I would hesitate to have it removed if the colitis came bac with a vengeance.

For now though I do not have to face that decision. But I will not eat popcorn again anytime soon.

Tomorrow will be a Brighter Day

History has been made by President-Elect Barrack Hussein Obama. I am thrilled beyond belief and a little stunned. I never thought I would see the US elect an African-American elected to the white house.

The years of negativity and the suspiscious nature of the George W. Bush government are over. I hope Obama ends the war in Iraq. More later once it has sunk in!