My health has been pretty good for the last several months. i have been taking immune suppresant drugs and my colitis has mostly been in remission. I still struggle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome but it is manageable. So last night when I was woken up with a familiar pain I could not understand why it was there. I have not had that kind of pain in several months. I took some emtec and was able to get back to sleep. When I got up this morning I still had the pain and I couldn’t figure out why. Then, it dawned on me, how much of an idiot I am. I ate popcorn yesterday. Not much but it was mostly the little pieces that is all brown kernels. Popcorn (like nuts) is an enemy to those of us with colitis. The little pieces irritate the hell out of the colon and cause a lot of pain. So, I am suffering today. It is a good reminder that I am not out of the woods yet. I still need to be very vigilant with what I eat or I am going to be in trouble again.

The spectre of colitis right now is very large. It was about this time last year that my health began to spiral out of control. I am so afraid that my improved health will be lost. I have worked very hard to become more healthy and get back to work. My doctor says it will take quite a while before the anxiety lessens. I take my medication religiously and it is working. I also tolerate the immune suppresants very well. In my case, if the immune suppresants stop working I am likely going to have to consider colon removal if this happens again. Having enjoyed relatively good health for the last couple of months I don’t think I would hesitate to have it removed if the colitis came bac with a vengeance.

For now though I do not have to face that decision. But I will not eat popcorn again anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “I am an idiot…

  1. I hear you in this. Luckily I’ve been symptom-free for months, but I know sometime it’s going to pop up and bite me. Strangely, though, my IBS seems to be more a psychosomatic thing than physical: I can eat crap now and feel fine, but when I have a flare-up I can eat what I’m supposed to and feel ill. Such an odd problem, eh? I hope it calms down for you soon.

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