Here it is. I won’t hold my breath that he will call me back…

Dear Mr. Moore – I heard you on As it Happens yesterday and you said something that concerned me. You mentioned that you had not talked to any Canadians who support the new Coalition government. Well, Mr. Moore, I am a Canadian and I support the coalition. I would also like to add that you trotting out scare tactics only makes your party look weak. The Liberals and NDP are not doing anything that has not been done in parliamentary democracy since it was created. They are not ‘stealing’ power. Your party and particularly your leader has lost the confidence of the house therefore your party has lost the right to govern. If you want someone to blame please talk to Mr. Harper. So, if you would like to talk to a Canadian who supports the progressive coalition please call me at 604 xxx-xxxx. Thank you and have a nice day.

One thought on “My E-mail to James Moore

  1. You are not alone. I can’t tell you how many of my friends have sent me this link to a petition IN FAVOUR of the coalition (I’ve also had a few people send me a petition opposed to the coalition – they obviously don’t know me well! LOL). Here’s the link for the “in favour” group, and I’m sure there are more petitions out there:

    I am uneasy about our economic stability no matter what the outcome – whether Harper carries on or whether a coalition forms. Either option is likely to negatively effect the markets for the short term. But I would much rather have a coalition of Liberal and NDP committed to working together with the support of the Bloq, than to continue with the existing Harper government.

    I was annoyed at the CTV poll which asked if people favoured a Harper bid to prorogue until January……I wonder how many Canadians even know what the term “prorogue” means???? I believe the poll was deliberately worded that way to obscure the numbers of coalition supporters.

    Count me in.

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