If Stephen Harper received a report card for his recent behaviour I am sure it would read: “Little Stephen does not work or play well with others.” Harper is a bully plain and simple. He talks the talk about working with others but he is completely without skill or desire in this realm.  What does he do when no one else agrees with him? He closes the sandbox. What kid should have that power? There is a reason we have a system of government complete with rules and conventions – it is so that politicians need to work together or they will be defeated. I think little Stevie needs to put down the Machiavelli and pick up the Ghandi.

Now, on to the rhetoric. I am so sick and tired of the Conservatives misinformation campaign. If I were a Quebecer I would be downright angry that he used the word ‘separatists’ when he spoke in English and called them ‘Sovereignists’ en francais. It is disingenuous. Does he think that no one in Quebec can speak, understand or read English? I am also sick to death of hearing that the Coalition is trying to steal power. They have conducted themselves correctly within a parliamentary democracy. All the scare mongering the Cons can muster is not enough to overrun the rules of Parliament.

I am worried for the Coalition. Some Liberals are sharpening the knives and they are all aimed at Dion. If the Coalition cannot stay together and agree on a leader then we are all in trouble. A bully running amok without someone to push back is a recipe for disaster. The Liberals need to unite behind Dion as he has government experience and will be very effective in government. Really, governing is what Dion does best. He is only the leader until the Leadership Convention in May and he is the Liberals only real opportunity to govern in the near future.

I am not sure how Harper convinced Jean to prorogue parliament. I will refrain from GG bashing as it is inappropriate. However, I believe this decision is bad for Canada and bad for democracy. It creates a dangerous precedent where a sitting prime minister can duck his/her responsibility to maintain the confidence of the House. Canada needed the confidence vote – after all Harper used to love to make everything a confidence vote to force the Liberals to abstain. Then his other tactic was to poke fun at Dion for abstaining.

Harper has made a serious political error. Dion has nothing to lose and everything to gain. He either goes down in history as the worst leader the Liberals have ever had (although I think that dubious distinction belongs to Martin) or as the bold, innovative leader who was able to build bridges with the NDP and the Bloc. In short, Dion is everything that Harper is not.

What Canada really needed the GG to do was to put Harper in a time out – perhaps with a dunce cap.

3 thoughts on “Little Stevie…

  1. I am deeply disappointed that Governor General Michaelle Jean chose to prorogue parliament. The Prime Minister has lost the confidence of Parliament, and he should have been forced to face a vote of non confidence. There is no place for his bullying, his posturing or his poor sportsmanship. Canada does not want this man to be its Prime Minister, and he should not be allowed to make decisions on behalf of this country when he obviously feels nothing but antipathy towards its citizens.

    The GG should not be interfering in the democratic process.

    This is a sad day for Canada and Canadians.

  2. What country do you guys live in? Poor sportsmanship?
    Like how bout sore losers scrambling to overthrow the government. Bullying? Right the three thugs tried to takeover parliament and stick a guy in the pm seat that even their party didn’t want. And now the poor sports are digging their heals in saying I’m not going to play with you. Im making up my own budget. They have no right to be making a budget-they are not in power. And they have already said they will overthrow Harpers budget sight unseen. Now that is real sportsmanlike. And they guarantee their budget will Pass sight unseen because they will pay the Bloc 1 BILLION Dollars to pass it. WAKE UP! Get educated. Harper did us a favor rather than let 3 hatemongering thugs take over parliament. They could have waited for the budget and defeated parliament by voting against it instead of causing all this horrible instability. They caused it Not Harper because they would not let government take its course. Why because they didnt have the nerve to defeat it honestly knowing they would lose another election so instead they tried to put themselves in power by overthrowing the government. Now-lets see if this moderator is democratic enough to let this comment be viewed.

  3. Wow “hate mongering (two words, dude) thugs”. Stephan Dion sooooo fits that profile….I’m sure when anyone comes up with adjectives to describe M. Dion, hate mongering thug is right up there.

    Stephen Harper (hmmm hate mongering thug works here) wants to be the legitimate Prime Minister of Canada. Sadly, for him, the majority government required for that to happen will never come to fruition, and he will forever be at the mercy of the Opposition. Add the fact that his method of iron-fisted ruling, his my way or no way attitude has even his own caucus chafing, and you end up with a frustrated, angry, bitter man who has to beg the GG for time to see whether the coalition implodes, because otherwise, his budget is going to be blown out of the water.

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