Never, ever underestimate an old dog. Tucker has found the all you can eat buffet of our house known as the freezer. He has learned to open it and can be found munching on all sorts of  things – lately it was a frozen Angus burger from Costco.

Tucker spent 15 years in a pen – by himself. He is desperate for attention and interaction. He never wants to be away from humans. Tucker is also losing his back end. He is having trouble getting up and occasionally drops poop as he walks. Not good signs. However, we have decided to let Tucker be the boss and do as much living as he can in what time he has left. He can go to the park and run like a puppy and we will manage his pain with appropriate medications. He is having a really good time!

2 thoughts on “Old Dogs

  1. Today King Tuck spent an hour licking ice and chewing on snow at Golden Ears Park. He has no clue that he is an old man when he is out with the pack. The dog is 15, he is the only one who went into the lake today, probably not good for old bones, but very good for an old soul. It breaks my heart that he is only now, nearing the end of his life, getting the opportunities all dogs should have. It’s a shame. It should be a crime.

  2. Okay, the description of Tucker opening the freezer to help himself made me chuckle —– I’m betting he could have himself quite the feast if left unsupervised!!! A dog’s Nirvana!

    Isaac used to drop poop as his back end became weaker and weaker….but every now and then he would prance like a puppy, especially if young boys came to visit him. It was a joy to watch, and I know you get great joy from your Tucker.

    Live life to the fullest, Tucker, and happy freezer-raiding!

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