By all accounts we have had more snow this winter than anyone can remember. Period. Normally, Vancouver’s plan of waiting for the rain to wash the snow away is prudent – except for when it is not. Last night was bad in Vancouver. There were reports from the VPD asking people not to drive unless they had snow tires or chains. Yes, folks, you read right snow tires or chains, in Vancouver. Sounds way more like a situation would occur in say Prince George.

I am sure that the VANOC and other Olympic officials are thanking their lucky stars that the snow fall of a century happened this year and not next year. However, it does beg the question as to how the City of Vancouver will cope with a dump of snow during the Olympics? Has VANOC budgeted for snow removal? Given that any street with a hill was either closed or impassable yesterday evening. What would happen if there was an emergency?

I have a confession to make. I supported the Olympics. I lived in Vancouver during the vote and I voted yes. However, since that vote, it is becoming clearer that Vancouver is not an international city. It is a little, parochial backwater. I am not sure how Vancouver is going to manage to host the world here in a little over a year. If the City can’t deal effectively with a dump of snow what about an earthquake?

Out in the Fraser Valley we seem to have fared much better. We have had little difficulty getting around and it seems like most major routes, at least in Maple Ridge, have been plowed and maintained. Even the ‘back way’ that we take to bypass the Lougheed has been cleared.

The snow has definately shown vulnerability at the City of Vancouver. It is unfair to lay it on Gregor Robertson. I only hope that he can bring leadership to bear before the Olympics or we are in serious trouble.

H/T Penmachine

One thought on “Snow in Vancouver

  1. I did not and do not support the Olympic Games coming to Vancouver. There is routine traffic gridlock here, the Sea to Sky Highway is a menace, every weather “event” turns into a major catastrophe, and this small city cannot physically contain the sheer numbers of people who will be descending on it, we are hemmed in by mountains and water, there’s only so much space.

    I’m still waiting to see how VANOC plans to “clean up” the DTES for the two weeks Vancouver welcomes the world. Maybe they’ll just turn it into a no-go zone.

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