Apparently there was a water main burst in Montreal yesterday. Not really newsworthy except that a huge lake of water formed at a busy intersection and according to CBC radio reports a woman tried to cross the intersection. No big surprise, she fell in the metre deep water. The other salient point was that the pipe in question was 118 years old!!! What municipality does not systematically replace its pipes? I mean, seriously, these pipes were installed in the 19th century! Does anyone know if it is common for pipes this old to be in service?

2 thoughts on “I ask Questions

  1. Well, hasn’t it been realized in general in the US that the infrastructure is falling apart? Roads and bridges breaking down, etc. I’m guessing we’ve got more of the same. Things run so smoothly that nobody thinks that they need to replace and upgrade what’s been working well for decades.

    Maybe this is what the economic bust is for: get people rebuilding stuff.

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