Lydia tagged me in a facebook note with this meme. So here goes:

1. I have never done a meme before. No, really, never.
2. I am adopted.
3. My birth name was Deana Brett Carey.
4. I had a vertical banded gastroplasty in an ill-fated attempt to lose weight. It didn’t work and the legacy is that I can’t eat a lot of healthy foods and it makes me throw up regularly. I wouldn’t recommend it.
5. I love music. In fact, music keeps me sane. It is my form of self-care. I listen to a wide-variety of music. I don’t listen to country (although the odd new country song is ok), classical or jazz. Anything over-produced makes me mental (think Celine Dion). I am particularly fond of political folk music.
6. I am a self-confessed technophile. I am not an early adopter but I do need to have new stuff pretty quickly. I love computers and I am quite adept at techie stuff. I probably advise someone every week about what kind of computer they need, what might work for them and where to get it.
7. I love my dogs. Ok, you all probably know that about me if you have read my blog for any length of time. I am particularly fond of little dogs. I love shihtzus, pugs, and pomeranians. Generally little dogs respond really well to me except for the one who bit me – you know who you are Barkley!
8. I love the CBC. Radio one but not two (re-read number 5 about classical music). I love podcasts of CBC programs and I am never without both of my iPods which will contain a variable selection. My current favourite CBC programs (now on 88.1 FM) are On the Coast and The Point. I think Q is highly over-rated and Jian is not nearly as erudite as he thinks. I dislike CBC television though.
9. I love Indian food and culture. I enjoy reading books about India. I love to cook curry and have been christened “Chrisbinder” by partner. I make chai tea everyday at the office. I would love to go to India except for the flying part and the fact that it would be crowded and it would be hot. All of the above are things I do not like to do. I suspect I will never go to India.
10. I have taken music lessons. I took accordion for 4 years as a kid and I hated it. I have taken piano lessons as an adult but I lack the follow through with the practicing. Once I no longer commute 1.5-2 hours a day I may take lessons again.
11. I did the Katimavik program as a young adult. I highly recommend it to anyone who fits the age group. I got to do things I would never have done otherwise. I learned how to wield a chainsaw; I can row a dory; I worked in a cross-country ski centre; and lived in a tent for 3 months. I learned to cook on coleman stoves and I once stayed up for 36 hours cooking turkey on a one of those stoves so that we could all have Thanksgiving dinner (don’t get me started about water in naptha…). Seriously, Katimavik taught me how to get along with people, allowed me to hone my manipulation skills (just in case you couldn’t get along) and taught me how to finish something. I also got to see and live in some amazing parts of Canada.

Now, who do I want to hear from? Na, I am not going to tag anyone with this one. Do it if you want to!

3 thoughts on “10 things you do not know about me…

  1. Something else you don’t know about Chris…..she can’t COUNT. “10 things you don’t know about me” ends when there are no more fingers to count, dear, and before you have to take off your shoes to start on the toedies.

    Oh, and Chris doesn’t just love music, she needs it to stay healthy. Too bad so much of what she likes goes “I hate men, men all suck, la,la,la,la,la.”

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