I have very odd conversations with my mother. Given that I call her every single day of my life this is bound to happen.

When my Mom visited us in July 2008,  I saw her toes and told her she had toe fungus. I advised  her on how to get rid of it. She asked my sister if she thought she had toe fungus and my sister said no. So my mother did nothing. Now, apparently, her toes are black and she can’t stand the pain it is causing when she cuts her toenails.

Here was the conversation we had yesterday:

Me: Hi Mom, how are you?

Mom: Not so good. I told you I had to go to the foot doctor today because my toes hurt.

Me: Umm, no you didn’t tell me.

Mom: I didn’t tell you because you always diagnose me.

Me: Was I wrong?

Mom: No, that’s the problem.

Me: What did the foot doctor say?

Mom: I have toe fungus.

Me: You have let this go all this time?

Mom: Yes and now my toes are black.

Me: I told you that you had toe fungus back in July.

Mom: I know.

The conversation then consisted of  her telling me what the doctor said and what she needed to do now to get rid of the foot fungus. Oh the joys of my life.

Update: Carol from SAINTS has a great blog entry on toe fungus.


One thought on “Conversations with my Mother…

  1. Sorry to hear that about your mom. My hubby had developed nail fungus in his fingernail. His nail fell off and has grown back, but the fungus is till present. He started using tea tree oil which seems to be working for him., although it seems to be taking a very long time.

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