To my neighbours:

Perhaps you enjoy the sound of your barking dog at 8:22 am on a Sunday morning. I, however, do not. Why do you think it is necessary to put him outside at the crack of freaking dawn and allow him to bark all day, every day? Is your house sound-proofed? Are you not aware of the annoyance he is causing on the street?

We have a lot of dogs. Our dogs know that if they bark they will be brought in, end of conversation. Our dogs have learned to go outside, put up with being barked at by your dog, and they rarely bark back. This is unnatural for dogs. Most dogs bark back at dogs who bark at them.

Once again, I have been woken from a dead sleep to the sound of your barking dog. We need our sleep over here due to fatigue caused by chronic illness. You are interfering with our ability to get rest. It would be appreciated if you could keep keep your barking dog in the house, where he belongs, with his pack. It is not his fault he is an asshole – it is yours. Why do you keep your little dogs in the house but put him outside? He knows he is being separated from you and he does not like it. Dogs are social creatures and need their families in order to feel secure. Putting him outside for 10-12 hours at a time is torture for him.

Please, for the sake of your dog and you neigbour’s sanity, stop putting him out at the crack of dawn, for hours at a time.


2 thoughts on “Dog Rant

  1. And to the “Training Expert” whose company turns puppies into outdoor guard dogs, I hope you are proud of the business you run. You know who you are, I know who you are. You pretend to love the German Shepherd Dog, and want people to think you have the mentality of a rescuer.
    Well, lady, this dog lives with a pinch collar around his neck 24/7, and has no stimulation except for endless barking at our dogs, or at nothing at all, for hours on end.
    If you think you sold this dog to a family that would include him, you were wrong. He is no better off than any mutt tied to a tree, just more expensive.

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