Ok, seriously, wtf is up? Why is it snowing in the Lower Mainland in March? Spring officially arrives here at the end of February. We were supposed to have 7 days of showers not more freaking snow. I am done, I have had enough. I would like to know where I can lodge an official complaint.

The Tucker Man

Photo courtesy of Big Air Photography
Photo courtesy of Big Air Photography

This is Tucker, our foster dog from SAINTS. Tucker came to us a while a go (I can’t remember when now). He spent the first 15 years of his life in a pen. Now he is making up for it. We often affectionately call him a ‘knob’ because he is always where you are trying to get to. Tucker has missed out on so much he is making damned sure he does not miss anything now. He wants affection and love, he likes to romp outside with the canine family and he loves food. For a dog who spent so long in a pen he has quickly developed some ‘skills.’ He was opening the freezer for a while and helping him self to the all you can eat buffet. The freezer door is now held close with a bungee cord (thank you Lynn). He can get bowls down off the counter without spilling the contents or breaking the bowl. We figure if he can get it, he can have it (unless it would be dangerous for him).

A couple of days ago Tucker developed vestibular disease. This disease is relatively easy to see as the head is tilted, the eyes are darting and the dog vomits. Basically, as Carol says, “he feels like he is on a merry go round and can’t get off.” Tucker went up to the vet and got some anti-nausea meds. He may also have had a stroke brought on by the vestibular disease.

We set him up in an X-pen with comfy beds and blankets. Piper the pug, who is quite bonded to him, has kept him company for a while here and there. He seemed to like that. He has been steadily improving. His head is still tilted but he is walking better and not vomitting.

So this morning I was busy doing my normal morning things when I hear someone scrambling on the laminate. I rounded the corner and there was Tucker coming down the hallway. He had broken out of his X-pen and he wanted to go out. So out we went.

What a guy! I am sure we will have our Tucker back very soon.

The ‘Greenwash’

Back in December, I think, I was basically told that I was no longer welcome to comment on the “Our Green Year” blog. It seems that they did not like my comments and questioning of what they determined to be ‘green’ acts. They felt I was negative. My goal was to engage in some critical thinking around some of their supposed ‘green’ acts, ask questions and seek clarification. Apparently this was too much for them. In my opinion, I think this is lazy blogging. Part of the reason people allow comments on their blogs is so that readers can engage in a discussion about an issue. Comments give the blogger the chance to think about their points from a different perspective and to clarify their beliefs. Getting rid of the ‘challenging’ readers only demonstrates, to me anyway, that the blogger is lazy and is not interested in engaging in further discussion. If you only put comments up that show everyone agreeing with you or if you ban difficult commenters your blog lacks validity. I still read the blog but I have not been able to comment so I feel I must do so now before my head explodes.

I do not have a vendetta against Craig and Layla Baird. I believe that they believe they are trying to do something good. The green movement is like any other bandwagon issue that has come along. Everyone jumps on, proclaims they are good for doing it and everyone who asks questions or criticizes the movement is the enemy. The bandwagon effect turns people, who can normally think critically, into the slavish masses for the issue. In fact several times the only arguement they could come up with was to tell me that what they were doing was really hard and that I should do it too, which completely misses the point.

So, let’s begin:

Here is the latest post on being green while staying in a hotel:

Sometimes we all need to travel, and when we travel we usually stay in hotels, motels, or inns. In hotels, we use towels and they are washed after one use (although not in all hotels), we sleep once in beds and the linens are cleaned, and generally the overall process is quite wasteful. That is not even considering those little shampoos, soaps and more that are individually wrapped. As well, glasses are wrapped individually in plastic.

This is a big waste.

As a result, when Layla and I have to travel and stay in a hotel, we will not only bring our own towels, but we will bring our own toiletries. This way, we do not use what the hotel provides, we do not waste plastic, and we use what we already have and which is environmentally friendly because we try and buy only green toiletries.

First off, they ignore (or are ignorant) of the fact that many hotels have implemented ‘greener’ practices when it comes to doing laundry. Every hotel I have stayed at for many years gives you the opportunity to not have fresh towels every day. Then there is the fact that they are now going to lug their towels and toiletries to the hotel. Now, if they are flying or driving they are going to be increasing the weight of their luggage – thereby increasing the amount of jet fuel required to get them to their destination. Then they are going to take home the wet towels. To what purpose? Again there will be increases in fuel required to get their baggage home with wet towels. Why not just pick a green hotel, recycle the little plastic bottles and use your towels more than once if you are staying longer than a night?

Another major issue I have with this blog is their engagement in slacktivism as a way of going green. This entry sums it up nicely:

Over the course of Our Green Year, we have signed several petitions. We have signed petitions to stop the seal hunt, save animals and today, to save tiger habitats.

Tigers are one of the most endangered species on the planet, but they are also one of the most recognizable. It is feasible that within the next few decades, we could see the complete loss of this amazing animal due to habitat destruction. This would be a huge loss for our planet.

In Sumatra, only 400 Sumatran tigers remain in the wild. Once they are gone, that is it. This is due to illegal logging that is destroying their habitat, and the practice of clearing forest for palm oil and pulpwood plantations. In the past 22 years alone, 50 percent of the forests in Sumatra have been lost.

So, to help stop the logging of tiger habitats, we are signing the petition to do something about it (we hope).

You can do the same at:

They have signed many petitions on the internet to save everything. What good does this do? Petitions in general are not all that effective. But at least petitions that are signed, by someone going door to door, at least have some validity and can be used in the political process. Seriously, what good do they honestly think they can do by signing a petition in Canada to save Tiger habitat in Sumatra? I am sure there are many things contributing to the loss of habitat for all sorts of species all over the world. It is not simply a matter of the people living their not knowing what they are doing. Likely, they are trying to eke out a living. This one in particular interests me. My favourite coffee at the moment is Starbucks Sumatra. If some information had been presented about habitat destruction being linked to coffee consumption, ‘my coffee consumption’ in particular, I would feel compelled to research it and if the evidence was compelling change my consumer habits. They missed a big opportunity here.

All of their homemade ‘green’ toiletries’ have truly made me laugh! Here is a recent one:

Way way way way back near the beginning of Our Green Year, man it seems so long ago, we made a sugar scrub as a way of making our own type of body wash that can be used in the shower.
Today, we are going green with another body scrub, and this one is one I like. For me, nothing beats the smell of coffee in the morning, I love to drink it but I have never thought of using it in a body scrub. Turns out, you can and it is good for the environment because you are recycling the grounds.

Typically, we compost coffee grounds, but on occasion we are going to try making a coffee grounds body scrub. It is quite easy to do.

All you need is five teaspoons of ground coffee that has been used (recycling!), one teaspoon of sugar and two teaspoons of essential oil. Mix it all together and when you are in the shower, put it on with a circular motion. Leave it on for five minutes and then rinse it off. By putting a catch int he drain, you can then get the coffee grounds and compost them afterwards!

Not much more to say!

I loved this post because it is clear that it has not been investigated very well:

At the ranch, we have a fire pit in the front yard where we can sit and relax during the summer evenings. Well, this summer that fire pit is going to serve another purpose beyond just providing us heat. We will be cooking on it.

Layla and I love to go backpacking, and when you backpack, you have to cook your meals on a fire. There is nothing like it and we decided that this year, we will cook more food on the fire and less in the kitchen.

There are a lot of trees in the area, and some have fallen down. As a result, we will be using that wood (as long as it is not serving as a habitat for something) for our firewood. We are also getting our firewood from a sustainable source. Then we can cook our food over the fire, rather than in the kitchen on the stove.

It is not perfect, but it is just another solution that we can use to go green in our cooking, no different than how we use the fireplace inside to heat the house up so we don’t use the furnace as much.

Burning wood spews pollution into the air. I have recently read about some small towns in the north where they have pollution and smog days due to wood burning stoves. How can think it is more environmentally friendly to light a fire outside and cook over it? It is fun and enjoyable but not green. It is far more green to use electricity produced by hydro-electric damns than to burn wood and add particulate matter to the atmosphere.

This next post is hysterical and obviously written by a man:

Well, the next one is about going to the bathroom, but it is going to the bathroom outside. Now, this is only for ‘number one’ and not all the time (it gets to -40 here…..). However, by going outside to pee on occasion, there is less in the toilet and that means less flushes.

We are on a ranch, with no neighbors around, plus lots of trees so there are no chances of someone coming across me in the middle of my business.

Sure this is an odd one to do, and an unconventional green tip, but going green involves a lot of things, some of which we don’t always think about.

So, for me at least, when I am outside I will use nature as my bathroom to help conserve water in the indoor washroom

How the hell is it green to have untreated human waste going into the ground? They live on a ranch where animals graze. This makes no sense to me. Many countries in the developing world suffer greatly from being surrounded by untreated sewage. Why on earth would they want to turn their ranch into their bathroom. I am also pretty sure it is only the guys who would be doing this as it is so much more difficult for women.

Here is another rather lame post about visiting National Parks. I love how Craig spins it to make it seem green but he forgets a few things:

If there is one thing Layla and I enjoy doing, it is hiking and snowshoeing. There is something about being out in the wild, being a part of nature and listening to the sound of silence wafting through the trees. We love nature, hence the reason why we are trying to do our part to save it with Our Green Year.

Today, we are asking that if you want to do something to help nature, you can visit a national park. Here in Alberta, there are plenty of national parks and we are going to be visiting several of them this year (including on our proposed two week hike from Jasper to Banff this year!). The reason visiting a national park is green is that not only does it help you learn more about the nature that we all seem to be somewhat removed from, it is also because you pay money to be in the national park. That money then goes to help keep the national park going, helping it expand and helping to keep the animals (some of them endangered) safe in their national park home.

Recently, Layla and I, plus two of our friends went snowshoeing on a trail in Elk Island National Park. The money we pay helps that park, and by extension helps nature.

Visiting a National Park may be good for the soul but it does not do much for the park. Craig points out that you pay money to visit the park. Why do you pay money? Well, to clean up after all those visitors. People leave their garbage, they damage sensitive ecosystems and disturb animal habitat and migration patterns. Plus there is all that gas burned to get all those people to all those National Parks to pay money so it can all be cleaned up. Not so green after all when you think about it. If you are backpacking it is usually prohibited to build a fire. I know this from experience. We used to backpack 200 miles a summer when we were kids. My Dad always had his naptha stove and pointed out to us how to preserve the environment we were in, why we could not build fires and why we had to stay to the path.

I could keep going. So, stay tuned as I will focus the critical thinking lens on the ‘Our Green Year’ blog again. Plus I am sure you will all be able to buy the book they intend to publish. I have also wondered what happened to the “Our Green Year Journal” which has not been updated for a long time. I felt this was an integral companion to the blog as it discussed how they were implementing their new found green ways.

In the meantime if you would like a great green blog to read I recommend “A little Greener Every Day.” Robin Shreeves gives practical tips, with solid reasoning behind them. She is also honest about how difficult it can be to choose to go green.

Tech Stuff

As I have mentioned before, I have a love of keyboards and mice. I am always on the lookout for the newest and best I can find. We were at Future Shop the other day and I saw this gorgeous keyboard. It had a lovely design and all the features I like – especially the ability to flip through songs and pause from the keyboard. I like to play games and I don’t want to have to go to iTunes to change the song. The first thing I noticed was that the keys for controlling music did not work with iTunes. In order to get it to work it meant that I had to use the mini-player and always have it active. It was annoying but I could deal with it. The next thing I noticed was the deal-breaker. I don’t know if any of you noticed but that keyboard is lacking something. Can you see it? The freaking keyboard didn’t have a number pad! I simply cannot live without a number pad. So, it goes back.

The newest thing I have tried using is the Genius feature in iTunes. It is very simple to use and it allows you to (re)discover music in your iTunes library. I have over 3000 songs and sometimes I don’t listen to all of the tracks on a new disc I download. Basically, you pick a song in your library and click the ‘Genius’ button which will pick similar songs. In the last 2 weeks I have discovered songs I never listened to and rediscovered songs I have not listened to in years. I am loving this feature and I urge everyone to try it out.

Google, ahhh, google! I love Google. I use Gmail, Google Reader, Google calendar and Google docs on occassion. I have things set up so that my personal calendar and my work calendar all sync, automatically, with my blackberry. I have also been using a desktop calendar in the Windows sidebar which shows upcoming appointments. It completely rocks!

Snowfall Warning in March

I am a Canadian. I have lived in very cold places with lots of snow. I now choose to live in Metro Vancouver where generally we don’t get a lot of snow and it never lasts. This winter has been an exception. We had snow on the ground from December through to mid-February. Rain we expect. This year snow has been like your old Uncle Harold who won’t leave, ever. Now, it is March – the season of daffodils, crocuses and cherry blossoms. Are we getting these things, no. Instead we are getting yet another snowfall warning. I am done, the Arctic needs to reclaim its weather and we need our soft blanket of white and pink cherry blossoms. Can someone please get on this! Immediately!

I ask questions…

Yesterday I bought some orange tic tacs. When I opened the box a little later I got a shock – they were white! The box was orange coloured and I was expecting the familiar orange-coloured little candies. When did orange tic tacs become white?

This and that….

I haven’t blogged in a bit mostly because there has been nothing that has really grabbed me lately. So, here is a post about lots of different things.

1. Today was the perfect storm. I hate working Mondays. When I have to work Mondays I at least like to start my day with a massage. For this to occur I have to be in Vancouver by 11 am. I woke up early and could not go back to sleep so I got up at 7:30. I wanted to leave by 9:45 just in case. Well, my bowel conspired against me and I did not get to the car until 10:10. I got to the bridge and it was backed up so I checked the traffic report and found out they had swung the bridge and while it was back in place traffic was backed up. Then they said there was an accident on #1 just past Gaglardi and the only lane getting through was the HOV. Carry on. Now there is an accident, blocking the middle lane, just past Brunette. I am swearing now. I have had to go to the bathroom since the bridge. I get past the Brunette accident. Magically, the other accident is gone. Things are going well and I think I might even make until I round the corner by Willingdon and see that 12th is backed up. It was also backed up around the corner towards first. Back to the traffic report – now there is an accident just past the 1st ave exit. I am seriously swearing now. I finally make it 10 minutes late.

2. On Friday I was listening to the News at 6 on CBC. The first story was how the banks had been making profits in spite of the economic downturn. The story that immediately followed was one of retailers complaining about increased credit card fees. Coincidence? I think not.

3. We were trying to buy a used car on the weekend. We went to see this one car that sounded good on paper but was definitely a death trap. It was not air cared, it needed a bolt for the brakes but the guy assured us it was ‘safe.’ As time went on he continued to list things that were wrong with it. Oh, it squeals when it goes around a corner? It just has a loose alternator belt, blah, blah, blah. As we walk away he says: “Did something change your mind?” So we stopped at a lot on the way home. There is a little VW and the mechanic who worked on it said he had tuned it up and fixed it up so ‘his daughter could drive it.’  As Deb was driving it through parking lots because it was not insured, nor air-cared she discovered that the transmission slipped from 1st gear to 3rd gear and you had to pound the clutch to the floor. Not a good sign. We were waiting and he continued to list the other things wrong: no taillights, no dashlights. kthxbai!

4. The good news is that my anti-anxiety meds seem to be working. I have less fatigue and way less physical symptoms like stress in my shoulders, neck and face. I am feeling better overall and actually having some moments of joy particularly when I am listening to music. I did try to start to wean off the clonazapam but I think it was too soon so I will have to broach this with my doctor. Now that I am feeling better I do not want to go back.

5. I have been plagued by construction noises and errant beeping all day today. For those of you who know me, errant beeping is one my biggest pet peeves.