Yesterday I bought some orange tic tacs. When I opened the box a little later I got a shock – they were white! The box was orange coloured and I was expecting the familiar orange-coloured little candies. When did orange tic tacs become white?


5 thoughts on “I ask questions…

      1. Yes, and the mint ones used to be green (I believe there were two different types of mints and they were two different shades of green).

        It’s probably cheaper to tint the transparent plastic containers different colours (so from the outside the mints themselves look coloured) than to add colour to the mints themselves (that’s totally a guess on my part)

      2. Thank you! I remember them turning my tongue orange when I had a little addiction to them years ago.

  1. Yes, Beth you are probaby right. Personally I was hoping they were trying to protect us from unnatural food dyes. But then again, what is natural about tic tacs.

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