Photo courtesy of Big Air Photography
Photo courtesy of Big Air Photography

This is Tucker, our foster dog from SAINTS. Tucker came to us a while a go (I can’t remember when now). He spent the first 15 years of his life in a pen. Now he is making up for it. We often affectionately call him a ‘knob’ because he is always where you are trying to get to. Tucker has missed out on so much he is making damned sure he does not miss anything now. He wants affection and love, he likes to romp outside with the canine family and he loves food. For a dog who spent so long in a pen he has quickly developed some ‘skills.’ He was opening the freezer for a while and helping him self to the all you can eat buffet. The freezer door is now held close with a bungee cord (thank you Lynn). He can get bowls down off the counter without spilling the contents or breaking the bowl. We figure if he can get it, he can have it (unless it would be dangerous for him).

A couple of days ago Tucker developed vestibular disease. This disease is relatively easy to see as the head is tilted, the eyes are darting and the dog vomits. Basically, as Carol says, “he feels like he is on a merry go round and can’t get off.” Tucker went up to the vet and got some anti-nausea meds. He may also have had a stroke brought on by the vestibular disease.

We set him up in an X-pen with comfy beds and blankets. Piper the pug, who is quite bonded to him, has kept him company for a while here and there. He seemed to like that. He has been steadily improving. His head is still tilted but he is walking better and not vomitting.

So this morning I was busy doing my normal morning things when I hear someone scrambling on the laminate. I rounded the corner and there was Tucker coming down the hallway. He had broken out of his X-pen and he wanted to go out. So out we went.

What a guy! I am sure we will have our Tucker back very soon.

5 thoughts on “The Tucker Man

  1. It is a very nice story and I hope Tucker will get better soon, he has the love that helps alot and helps heal faster.
    He is very lucky to have you. Pat

  2. Ah hopefully he has a full recovery soon. One of my friends old gals had the same and went from not being able to get up, back to running around the yard in a couple mths. We made her a no skid raised dish wish helped.

    Handsome old man that Tucker!

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