The following are making me mental:

1. Global Financial Crisis – seriously, the more they talk about it the more it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
2. The ‘wildly successful social networking site Facebook.’ We all know it is there, we all know it is successful now can they please shut about it.
3. The ‘wildly successful social networking site Twitter.’ Again, we all know it is there and it is successful. Just because Ashton Kutcher got a million followers and then mentioned something about mosquito nets does not make him a hero.
4. Still on twitter – for all you newbies on twitter when one posts it is a tweet. You don’t post a twitter.
5. Go Canucks Go. Enough said.
6. Anything to do with the BC Provincial Election. They should all just shut up. Better yet, none of them who have been in power for the last 20 years should be able to run again. We have Raymond Lam posting pictures on himself in his ‘tighty whiteys’ while others are pulling on them and he has to step down. But the Premier of the province can be arrested for drunk driving in another country and still get re-elected. There is something wrong here.

That’s the list for today!

5 thoughts on “Phrases I am tired of hearing

  1. It astounds me that so many people that consider themselves to be open-minded stall on this. If struck with some other disease would you be asking the same thing? IF Gordo were an undiagnosed diabetic and the same set of circumstances took place, would we still be hearing about it? I highly doubt it. If he were not taking the appropriate cautions needed to maintain his health, then perhaps, but all indications are that he is following the prescribed lifestyle; ie: Not Drinking. I’m very confident any fall from the proverbial wagon would be reported far and wide. As a person once charged with impaired driving, which was proven to not be true, I can tell you in many ways it was the best thing that could have happened to me. You see although not legally drunk at the time, I had had 1.5 drinks in a short time, it was a wake-up call for me and I have not had a drink in 15 years. I’m proud of that, but dare not mention it if I can help it. Was/am I an alcoholic? Maybe. Was it wrong to drive with 1.5 drinks in me? Yes, I think so. Is it wrong that society is prejudiced against anyone that might have drank too much during a difficult time in there life? It sure as hell is. No person or group would put up with the remarks, innuendo, and repercussions that have changed my life because of misguided perceptions. I just wish before people bring up his impaired charge they would ask themselves “has there been any, even the slightest hint that he has ever drank since that time.” Sorry this has become rant; it sure feels good to get it out though.

  2. Gordon Campbell’s addiction is not the reason he is a poor choice for Premier of BC. He is a pompous ass and he suffers from a God complex. He seems to think that this province is his personal playground, and he can piss in the sandbox whenever he wants.

    As for alcoholism being a disease, you are right, of course. Where your argument fails is when you try to compare an alcoholic to a diabetic. A diabetic who does not comply with his/her medical treatment is not generally a ticking time bomb on the road. A person with heart disease who refuses to follow a doctor’s orders is not likely to kill innocent people with his/her actions.

    All people with a serious illness make choices. Refusing treatment is a personal decision until it affects the health and safety of other people. As a person who has suffered the loss of a very dear friend to a serial drunk driver, I have little compassion for a man who knew he was ill, but chose not to get well.

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