I have been madly looking for a file on my computer. It was one I did at home but I thought for sure it had been saved on the memory stick. Well, alas, it did not make it to the stick. So, after off and on searching for 2 days, it came to me that I had emailed it to someone because I needed their contribution. I searched Gmail for this person and sure enough, there was my file saving me hours of re-creating it.

Probably if I had not had a critical incident today I would have focused and not found it until after I went looking for the information I had needed in the first place. Then I would have been *head*desk*head*desk*.

Have I said it lately that I love Gmail?

However I have noticed a glitch in google chrome – it does not display html tools in WordPress. I wonder if they know…


One thought on “One more reason to love Gmail!

  1. Chris & Deb:
    Different subject;, Gemma’s traveling companion, seen on National for SAINTS is now with me. If you have been following Brindle you will know that she had escaped and was on the run for 17 days. If you are able to access email address for me, please email – have questions, if not able to access please post on blog and I will post email address
    Thank you

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