PSA of the Day: People, listen up, you cannot, I repeat CANNOT, give more than 100%! 100% is a whole, it is complete and is the most you can give. It does not matter if you are a hockey player or a star on DWTS – 100% is it! Thank you for your attention.


4 thoughts on “PSA of the Day

    1. Listening to too many Canucks interviews on CBC where they swear they are going to give 120% or DWTS same thing. Just a pet peeve!

  1. I like the reference to DWTS. “Dancing With The Has-Beens or Never-Weres, maybe, Dancing With The Also Rans, but Dancing With The Stars? Not so much. What makes Jewel’s cow-loving husband (who looks totally like Alfred E. Neuman)a “star”? Jewel, the one name, one-hit wonder isn’t even a star.

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