Wally Oppal

Wally Oppal 35
I am not of fan of Gordon Campbell and his band of fake “Liberals.” However, I have always been a fan of Wally Oppal. When he was a judge he made courageous decisions. He was the one bright light in the provincial cabinet. Although I think he got it wrong in charging the Bountiful group with polygamy (he should of gone after them for child sexual abuse) because ultimately I believe they will lose. Almost all of his other decisions were well thought out and reasoned. There is no way Gordon Campbell can top Wally Oppal as Attorney-General.


PSA for the Day

Given that we are baking already, it is time for everyone to act responsibly with regard to fire. In particular, this PSA is directed at those individuals who smoke and who feel the need to flick their cigarette butt out the window. Not only is smoking a disgusting habit some smokers lower the bar by littering their lit butts in to the grassy medians around Metro Vancouver. So, if you smoke, please use the ashtray in your car.