Given that we are baking already, it is time for everyone to act responsibly with regard to fire. In particular, this PSA is directed at those individuals who smoke and who feel the need to flick their cigarette butt out the window. Not only is smoking a disgusting habit some smokers lower the bar by littering their lit butts in to the grassy medians around Metro Vancouver. So, if you smoke, please use the ashtray in your car.


One thought on “PSA for the Day

  1. I must admit, back when I was young and stupid and a smoker, I flung many a cigarette butt out many a window. It was wrong. I’ve learned better. I hoped others had as well, but apparently not. Definitely a fire danger with this kind of weather, and even if not, sometimes I try to imagine just how much fibreglass there is coating the planet due to all the filter cigarette butts tossed on the ground.

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