No, I have not become a fan of summer. Actually, truth be told, I detest by summer. But summer has some advantages. Right now, the biggest advantage is that parliament is no longer in session, which means we are not going to be forced to put up with the machinations of the idiot talking heads who have been elected to run this country or not as they see fit. The big election threat last week over changes to EI was absolutely ridiculous. It is all scaremongering and brinksmanship politics which does nothing to provide stability to the country in the midst of a recession. What exactly did Michael Ignatieff get? He got a ‘panel of six experts to look into it.’ I am sure he could have held his breath and at least had Stephen Harper agree to a Royal Commission. It would have given them something to do over the summer and employed a lot of bureaucrats.

In all seriousness we need some leadership here. We are being subjected to brokerage politics in the extreme. No one has any ideology. They seem to disagree for the sake of it and have nothing new to offer. Where are the bold plans? The new ideas?


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