I always have lots of questions as there are many things in this world that defy explanation. So here are the highlights for today.

1. Why, oh why, does a car change into the left-hand lane when they are going a good 20 km slower than you. Then the truck that was behind them starts trying to pass, ON THE RIGHT, and I am trapped until the truck goes by. It makes no sense. Finally I get passed this car and I look over, because I always have to see what kind of idiot would do that and she was talking on her phone. Grrr!

2. Yield vs Merge – most highway entrances onto Highway 1 are merges except for the yield at the 1st avenue on-ramp. Normally, if you drive in the right hand lane past this on-ramp you had better be prepared for the hordes who interpret ‘yield’ as ‘just keep going because they will make room for you.’ Personally, I find this very annoying. Today, I actually saw someone yield. I almost had a party in my car!

3.Why do some people with pick up trucks feel that it is ok to transport their dogs in the backs of their trucks? Do they not realize that in a sudden stop or an accident that their dogs could die? These people should not be allowed to have dogs.

4. Why do cyclists feel it is ok to almost take you out in a cross walk as they ride across and then go up the sidewalk. All without a helmet I might add.

5. Continuing on with cyclists – do they not understand what a 4-way stop is? Yesterday, at one of the many 4-ways on my way home. I came to the intersection, stopped and proceeded to turn. Two cyclists came to the stop sign after me (so I had the right of way) and I almost shmucked them. Then they ‘decided’ to yield the right of way to me. Assholes.

6. Who do farmers, driving big, heavy and slow moving vehicles pull out in front of you so you have to slam on the brakes? Idiots.

7. OH and the buses. Why is it that they think they have the right to merge in front of you when you are 3/4s of the way up the bus before they decide to go?

That’s it for today…


3 thoughts on “I ask questions…

  1. I sense that you are having some issues with your daily commute!

    All good, valid questions – to which I have no answers, except people are clueless assholes when they get behind the wheel.

    My pet peeve with cyclists is when they ride on the sidewalk, regardless of pedestrians. It’s times like those that I want to shove a big stick in their spokes as they go by. Sidewalks are for pedestrians – not cyclists.

  2. I feel your pain! I always have to look over at the asshat who was driving super slow in the left lane – it’s a combination of needing to see what they are doing (and yes, it is often that they are on their phone!) and needing to glare at them so that they know that I’m pissed. I’m sure they are oblivious to my glaring, but it makes me feel better.

    I also hate the ones who think that they should ‘just keep going because they will make room for you’ when they are on the on ramp. I saw one woman end up on shoulder because she kept going forward but no one was making room for her – and, of course, she was on her friggin’ phone!!

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