1. Top 5 worst songs you could imagine playing in succession:
I don’t dislike songs so much as artists and genres so that is how I will answer it:
Anything by:
Bonnie Raitt
Celine Dion
Any heavy metal
Any Jazz – makes my ears bleed
Most country music

2. Worst snack food anyone could buy for you and why:
Corn nuts – I can’t stand the smell of them.

3. Most uncomfortable sensation you’ve experienced:
I hate touching cotton balls. I have to get other people to open the bottles for me. I also hate touching velvet. When I was a kid my mother dressed me and my sister in matching blue velvet dresses. I walked around with my hands clenched for hours.

4. Top three guiltiest (or at the least, slightly embarrassing) pleasures:
Froot loops, liking an Eminem and Kanye West song, enjoying being in my car with the windows down, the sunroof wide open (but it can’t be sunny) listening to very loud music.

5. A country(ies) that you’ve never had the urge to travel to:
I don’t like to travel at all.

6. Current cultural trend that annoys you the most:
The sexualization and subjugation of women and the rape culture we live in.

7. Something that has surprised you recently:
How little I know about the natural world. I am reading about ants as I knew very little about them and they are fascinating insects.

8. You in Bizarro World would be:
Married to a man with no dogs and no computer.

9. Something you think you should like, or want to like (for whatever reason), but really don’t: I think I should like alternative/independent music but I just don’t…

10. One childhood oddity:
Being responsible for looking after my 5 year old sister and cooking dinner all at age 7.

11. If you found a genie, and he granted you three things (besides world peace) they would be: there would be no refugees, no torture and no racism/discrimination of any kind.

12. You would switch to the other gender for:
You could not pay me to switch genders. I love being a woman.

13. If you could travel back in time to one historical moment it would be:
to the 1960s to protest about Vietnam.

14. Piece of art (any kind of art) that you wish you would have created, as opposed to the actual creator:
I am not really into art in the traditional sense.

15. Something you’ve always wanted to be good at:
playing an instrument and singing.

16. Your Utopia must have these three things:
dogs, unlimited resources so everyone has enough, kindness

17. Something you are quietly proud of:
my ability to lead and mentor

18. Something you are blatantly proud of:
being smart

19. Favorite word:
hmmm, I have many favourite words. Lately it has been cogent.

20. Least favorite word:

21. Favorite little thing that makes your day:
So many – in the morning when the dogs scamper outside and they are so happy just to be alive.

22. You get on your soap box for:
selectively but I don’t give up

23. Things that would be better if you were in charge of them:
I think I should just be able to run the world and everything would be great!

24. Things that would be worse if you were in charge of them:
criminals, pedophiles and religious people.

25. If you had the power to change one thing in the history of the world, it would be: colonization and the imposition of the nation state in Africa.


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