It seems that the heat is doing more than causing people to sweat. Driving behaviour appears to be deteriorating in inverse proportion to the rising heat. This morning I stopped at one of the myriad of 4-way stops on my way to the bridge. I came to a complete stop and just as I was going to go a truck just blows the stop sign and goes. I honk my horn and he gives me the finger. AC Tree Care – you suck!

Then I had to do the merge on to highway 1. There is a very civilized system with alternating green and red lights for the 2 lanes merging into one. Most of the time it works well. Except for today when a truck just blew right through the red light. Where are the police when you need them?

Then there is all the dangerous passing. I had a truck behind me (who was tailgating) and a truck in front of me going rather slow and a bunch of traffic in front of it. I saw no point in trying to pass as both sides were busy and almost equally slow. Apparently the guy driving the Dick’s Lumber truck didn’t see it the same way. He had to get really close to me (and scare the shit out of me) in order to pass and pull in front of the other truck. He didn’t get much further and I passed him on the highway. Dick’s lumber truck guy – you suck too!!!!

We all need to keep in mind that the heat affects us all. Allowing driving habits to deteriorate to a new low is not going to help anyone, it is going to cause accidents and then you will be standing out in the 30 degree heat instead of in your air conditioned vehicle. And if you cause an accident and hit me and I have to stand in 30 degree hit your life will not be worth living. Consider yourselves warned all of you asshole drivers!

3 thoughts on “Driving Rant

  1. Apparently, ICBC has studied how our behaviour changes in the heat. They have found that people get more aggressive in the heat. Who knew?

  2. Oh, they suggest that we think about cold things…like snow and ice and that should help. I wonder how much we pay him?

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