Big Brother

Ok, I happen to know that a couple of people who read my blog also watch Big Brother. I am wondering which player has the breakdown and has to leave? Apparently, they are going to tell us on Tuesday. I am not sure why we have to wait that long as clearly it has already happened. Any thoughts?

I think the likely choice is Lydia but there are so many volatile people this season that it could be Russell or Chima or Kevin may finally lose his cool and go off the deep end. I am fairly sure it is not Jordan because I don’t think she is smart enough to have a breakdown.

Ok. so who do you think it will be and why?

The 3 things Meme

I totally stole this from Dr. Beth Snow at Not to be Trusted with Knives:

Three Names I go by:

1. Chris

2. Christine

3. Gamma (ask Deb)

Three jobs I have had in my life:

1. Answering service technician

2. Welfare worker/Provincial government slave

3. Executive Director

Three places I have lived:

1. Dunfield, Newfoundland

2. Calgary, AB

3. Toronto, ON

Three favourite drinks:

1. Good coffee

2. Earl Grey tea

3. pepsi (although not so much anymore)

Three people I think will do this on their profile:

1. MJ

2. not sure

3. still not sure

Three hobbies:

1. Music

2. computers

3. computers and music together

Three pet peeves:

1. people who can’t drive and who are driving

2. stupid people

3. smokers who throw their cigarette butts out the window when we are in a heat wave

Three tv shows I watch (only 3?):

1. SYTYCD – Canadian and American

2. Grey’s Anatomy

3. Law and Order

Three places I have been (since I hate to travel, not that exciting):

1. the bathroom

2. to work

3. Calgary

Favourite foods:

1. eggs

2. bacon

3. meat

Three things I am looking forward to:

1. a cure for ulcerative colitis

2. a cure for MS

3. Autumn 2009

Cloth Grocery Bags

I have noticed lately that I have not been as vigilant in bringing my cloth bags to the grocery store. I was doing really well throughout the winter and sprint but for some reason I don’t seem to remember them anymore. Part of the problem is that I don’t know where they are. I am sure Deb has put them away never to be found again.

I don’t think it is just us though with regard to forgetting the cloth bags. At Save-On today I noticed that only 1 person I saw had a cloth bag. I am not sure what is happening with the cloth bag movement. Perhaps economic concerns have supplanted the green bandwagon. Or maybe people don’t really see the benefit of using cloth bags versus the energy and thought required to bring them to the store.

I think until grocery stores charge an exorbitant amount for bags we will continue to use plastic. It is easier, cleaner and many people re-use those bags.

Any thoughts? Did you use cloth bags? Are you still using them or do you forget them like me?

PS: Don’t tell the Our Green Year People!!!

A Trans Travesty


Katherine Johnson wants her johnson gone- because that’s the only way she’ll be allowed to transfer to a woman’s prison.

The above was the headline on this morning’s Province in Vancouver. I am stymied as to why the editors of the Province think that it was ok to further humiliate and denigrate Katherine Johnson (unfortunately, I have not been able to find a link to this story as of yet).

Here is the synopsis. Katherine seems to have always had gender identity disorder. She has been involved in criminal activities for most of her life. It would seem that many of her struggles with law have been rooted in her untreated medical condition. She has had her testicles removed and she remains desperate to have her penis removed. She has been assessed by two psychiatrists who have deemed this procedure a medical necessity. She has tried to remove her penis several times herself.

So why hasn’t this procedure been done? It seems that Corrections Canada would rather see her suffer in a male prison than give her medically necessary treatment so that she can transfer to a somewhat safer female environment. The descriptions in the article stated that Katherine spends most of her time in her cell, does not shower and barely eats. Could it be that she is depressed? According to the article she has been attacked several times in prison and been forced to have sex with other inmates to gain personal protection. It is up to Corrections Canada to protect her. She needs to have the surgery and be moved to a womens’ prison. If a prisoner needed any other kind of surgery it would be performed. There is no excuse for allowing her to languish, depressed and untreated in a men’s prison.

Now, on to the headline. I was rendered speechless when I read this headline. It is completely transphobic and sadly some redneck will likely read it and have his/her beliefs validated. Unfortunately the story may also generate pressure on Corrections Canada to not give Katherine the medical treatment she needs. The politically conservative climate does not help this situation as I am sure that Corrections Canada is getting their direction from their political masters in situations like this one. I can only hope that saner heads prevail and Corrections Canada steps up and allows her to have her surgery. What a travesty.

The Ultimate Shirley Temple

I love Shirley Temples. I don’t really like alcohol except for the odd Bailey’s Irish Cream and sometimes the choices in restaurants are quite limited for beverages. How much pop can one person drink. According to Wikipedia a Shirley Temple consists of grenadine and 7-up with a cherry. Personally, I cannot stand these kinds of Shirley Temples and I will send them back.

Wikipedia goes on to say that original drink contained 2 parts 7-up or ginger ale, one part orange juice and a splash of grenadine. This is my Shirley of choice.

In the interests of research I have decided that I am going to rate Shirley Temples everywhere we eat out. I have noticed though that it is not safe to order Shirleys (as I like to call them) in some restaurants. Indian restaurants, for example, have no idea what a Shirley is – you are much better off ordering a lassie.

So, if there are any Shirley aficionados out there check back for my ratings! I will be using the very scientific cherry rating system. A Shirley will receive between 1 and 5 cherries depending on the quality of the drink, the ration of the ingredients and over all flavour. 1 cherry means you should avoid a Shirley there at all costs to the 5 cherry Shirley which is divine!

Now, on to my first rating.

Date: July 31, 2009
Location: Harrison Hot Springs Lakeside Cafe
Rating: 5 cherries
Comment: This was perhaps the best Shirley I have ever had. The ratios were perfect and its taste was out of this world.

Date: August 1, 2009
Location: Harrison Hot Springs Lakeside Cafe
Rating: 3 cherries
Comment: They must have had a different bartender on as the Shirley was just ok. It was no where near the stellar drink I had consumed the day before.