Ok, I happen to know that a couple of people who read my blog also watch Big Brother. I am wondering which player has the breakdown and has to leave? Apparently, they are going to tell us on Tuesday. I am not sure why we have to wait that long as clearly it has already happened. Any thoughts?

I think the likely choice is Lydia but there are so many volatile people this season that it could be Russell or Chima or Kevin may finally lose his cool and go off the deep end. I am fairly sure it is not Jordan because I don’t think she is smart enough to have a breakdown.

Ok. so who do you think it will be and why?


One thought on “Big Brother

  1. My initial guess is Chima – she’s a hot head, she’s just had her power taken away by a *man* and she’s now on the wrong side of the house.

    Russel is also a hothead, so I could totally see him blowing up too.

    Lydia – also a hothead. And, I have to say, I thought her crying over Jesse leaving was so stupid. Um, Lydia, didn’t you notice that he didn’t actually treat you very well as he was always in bed with Natalie? Also, what’s up with Lyda and Natalie actually like they are BFFs?? Don’t they realize that they are bonding over the man they were fighting over being evicted??

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