I posted this on Facebook too but I thought I might get different answers here:

Question of the day: Why is it that some dogs think that walking in front of you is a good thing? Seriously folks – I need to figure this one out. Routinely Keifer (130 lbs) and Tucker (70 pounds) stand up as soon as I do, they stand in front of me and then we all try to get down the hall together. Massive fail!


3 thoughts on “I ask questions…

  1. My little 20 pounder does it as well, especially on walks. I have two cats that do it too. Then they get upset with you when you trip over them or step on them. Our furry children can be just as aggravating as our human children but we love them all the same! LOL

  2. When I wear baby in the baby carrier, I can’t see right in front of me. Naturally, Toby thinks this is the best spot to walk so I am forever tripping on him in the park!! I have no idea why he chooses this spot to walk because he is forever getting stepped on and he is only 16 pounds so it can’t be much fun!

  3. Okay, that question made me laugh. Living with four herding dogs, I am constantly dealing with dogs right in front of me, trying to steer me in some direction I don’t want to go. I have no idea why non-herders do it, but with my four they obviously think I am a sheep. BAAAAAAA

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