In celebration of NaBloPoMo I have decided to start a new series on the blog: Dispatches from the Swamp.* This new series will focus on the antics of the residents (human, canine, feline, guinea porcine and hedgehog) of Chez Shihtzustaff. It will also serve as a reminder that we live in a swamp – so here goes.

All H1N1 all the time!**

The main news from the swamp is that we are sick (except for L, and more on that later), very, very, very sick most likely with H1N1. Now this in not a flu to trifle with. It can kill you and if it doesn’t kill you, you will wish that it had. It is hands down the worst flu I have ever had. I pretty much lost 2 weeks of my life to the pandemic virus and its long list of symptoms:

Fever – I had a moderatley high fever at 100.6. It is considerably worse when you count in the fact that I tend to run 2 degrees below normal (thanks to the sloth like metabolism I seem to have. I only had the fever for one day. That was enough.

Joint Pain – basically moving was not possible. I was in agony for about 2 days. They don’t make ibuprofen in big enough doses to take on this level of joint pain. I am used to joint pain as it is one of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. I am used to having it in a couple of joints but not every single one. Crap, even my hair follicles hurt.

Sweating – Anyone who knows me knows that I do not sweat. I hate sweating and I take it as a personal insult when it happens. I had been getting better about sweating when I was on the treadmill (oh to be strong enough to get back on!). I have never sweat like I did with this virus. This was one of the longest lasting symptoms. Then there was being cold and sweating and being even colder. Fun times I tell you.

Stomach issues – I have not been hungry in weeks (except for the small hunger pang I felt yesterday). Every time I would try to eat, I would take 3 bites, get overheated and start to sweat. Don’t ask me why but it happened often enough for me to string it all together. After 3 bites my stomach would rebel and tell me in no uncertain terms what I could do with that food.

Dizziness – I have been dizzy for days. In fact I don’t remember most of week 1 due to dizziness, fever and sweating. The dizziness has been coming later and later each day. I am hopeful I will not be dizzy today.

Fatigue – I suffer with chronic fatigue because of my ulcerative colitis. Generally this means I need 9-10 hours of sleep every night. Since I got H1N1 I have been sleeping in excess of 14 hours per night, when possible. I never sleep like this! I would normally have a headache if I stayed in bed that long. I had to settle for 12 hours last night because I could not figure out how to get in the 14 I wanted and still make it to work before it was time to come home.

On Friday, A came down with the flu. I felt so bad for her because I knew how horrific she felt. Then on Sunday night, D started to show symptoms. She spent most of Monday in bed wishing she were dead (see above). The only one who has not been felled by this virus on steroids is L and we think that is because she was born in 1956, when, apparently there was an outbreak of H1N1 and she may have some immunity. I hope she is immune because if she goes down I don’t know how we will make it!

*All of my other series have gone so well….not

**I stole this line from one of my FB friends’ status line


One thought on “Dispatches from the Swamp

  1. This sounds so seriously shitty I don’t have words. I hope you’re on the mend!

    I love the title of your series, but had no idea you live in a swamp!

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