Well it would seem that winter has arrived on the Wet Coast. We had the first storm of the season a couple of nights ago and it resulted in a power outage for several hours here at The Swamp. I do not cope well when the power is out. Actually, I don’t cope when I don’t have access to any of my creature comforts. The worst part of a power outage for me is the boredom. With no TV to watch and no computer to surf the net I am bored. There is not enough light to read as usually these outages happen at night.

When we first moved to The Swamp at the end of October 2006 we had several power outages within the first couple of months. That was the year, to end all years, in terms of storms. We had at least 5 pineapple expresses and had search and rescue at our door long before the welcome wagon.* We were also flooded in courtesy of the North Allouette River at least 5 times that winter. With the power going out so many times that year I needed to come up with a solution. Plus I have sleep apnea and I need to have some way to run my CPAP at night so that I can sleep.

So, we headed off to Canadian Tire and looked into the back up power boxes. I bought one for my CPAP immediately. I was still trying to figure out what I was going to do about the boredom part of power outages now that I knew I would be able to sleep. I did some research and I bought another back up power supply for the modem and the router. This way when the power goes out I can still connect to the internet as long as my laptop is charged. Once all the gear was in place we have not had a power outage for any length of time until last Thursday.

I was not all that enamoured of my laptops until I got a MacBook Pro. Part of the problem with the other laptops is the batteries would not last more than an hour two. The new MacBook Pro has a battery that will last 7 hours! So, I was all set for the big power outage of 2009. It all worked perfectly! I was able to get on the net with my MBP and the network worked perfectly.  L was thrilled that we still had internet access even with no power. I was a very happy techie that night!

I was kind of sad that the PVR was unable to record Grey’s Anatomy and Survivor but you can’t have everything! Or maybe I will get another power box for the PVR at some point. I don’t think they make them big enough to power our tv though.


*Actually the welcome wagon never came. Perhaps they weren’t thrilled about more dykes moving to Maple Ridge!


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a techie

  1. Hi Chris. Can you tell me what type of powerbox you ended up getting for your CPAP? I live in an area known for its lengthy power outages so need to get one also. Is this a battery back-up, not a gas generator thingy (that’s about as techie as I get – “thingy” – LOL)? Gas powered thingies and I do not get along.

  2. The brand is Noma and I got it from Canadian Tire. It is a battery backup “thingie.” It was quite expensive around $200 I think.

  3. During a power outage if it’s too dark to read, Sweetie and I light some candles and play board games — something we rarely do at other times but which we enjoy. Boggle and Scrabble are the two faves. Hours of amusement!

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