Have you ever noticed, when in a grocery store, that quite often the item you want is being blocked by some person with a huge cart? Why is this? It seems to happen to me every time I go to the store. Take today for instance, I was in a huge London Drugs to buy an electric frying pan. Right by the frying pans was a display jutting out into the aisle. Someone stalking shelves, complete with a ladder on the other side and 2 other customers – one with a cart! The rest of the space – empty.

Observed and overheard today at a pet supply store – a woman comes in asking for their suggestions for her dog who keeps throwing himself against her glass doors. They suggest a shock collar and I made some indescribable noise to voice my disgust. The staff go on to tell her that one customer just had to use it 4 times on his dog and the dog learned. The woman goes on to complain that the dog is so loud in throwing himself that the house shakes, the glass doors are being bumped off their tracks and she cannot relax and watch TV. So, clearly, the dog is being kept outside. It is a Greyhound. It is probably cold. Dogs are social creatures who need to be with their people, not relegated to the backyard. It is a shame she did not try the logical solutions first like training and exercise for the dog. My only hope is that the $199 price tag was enough to deter her.

I am really happy the new Pitt River bridge is finished! I can’t believe how quickly they got it up. No more counter-flow lanes and traffic backing up when they had to swing the old bridges!



One thought on “Randomy Randomness

  1. Not only do people put their carts where you want to be, also when there is a skid of product in the aisle, people will block the remaining traffic lane with their cart and stand there staring at products.

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