The Animal Rescue Site is holding its Shelter Challenge. Basically this is a long contest, where supporters vote for their favourite shelter every day and hope to make it #1 so that they receive a prize. It promotes good-natured competition between shelters and their various supporters. They keep a list of the top shelters so you can see where your shelter is ranked across Canada and North America.

What do you do if you like more than one shelter? How do you decide who to vote for? Do you base your vote on how needy a shelter is? Or do you decide to vote based on shelter mandate? Regardless of who you decide to vote for or how you arrive at that decision, voting is the important thing. Rescue can be lonely work, just ask Yvette at Turtle Gardens. If you talked to Carol from SAINTS you would hear about the mountains of laundry and the ‘joys’ of cleaning up after old, leaky and incontinent animals. I think for those in the trenches of running a rescue knowing that there are people out there, voting for your shelter everyday is comforting. Even when they are so alone, or very isolated, they know that somewhere, somehow other people support you.

Vote. Vote for the shelter of your choice. Vote for a different shelter everyday but just vote. The end result is the animals will benefit. Which is why we are all involved in rescue. Our rescued dogs say thank-you!!!

Some of our rescued dogs:

Tucker - spent 15 years in a pen before going to SAINTS
Mabel - had cancer. She came from SAINTS
Zoe was a puppy mill dog before she was rescued by Turtle Gardens
Molly is our ancient Pom - she came from SAINTS
Gemma came from a puppy mill before she was rescued by Turtle Gardens. She has mammary cancer but no one has told her.
Kiefer came from the Richmond SPCA after he grew too big for a young woman's purse.
Kirby was rescued by the Animal Rescue Foundation in Calgary after he was abandoned.

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