This post is still brought to you by me from my hospital bed. And who says I don’t take my commitments seriously!!

Today I would like to talk about well-meaning people. You know the ones. Your arm may be falling off and they suggest that you get some herbal remedy for that. Well today it was about a naturopath. I am sitting in the hospital because my white blood cell counts are so low that I would likely not be able to withstand an infection or bacteria should I come into contact with it. My hemoglobin is at 71 and, well, you get the picture.

I get this email from someone who says while she knows I was really sick and in the hospital had I considered a naturopath. I just about died. Ya, k, I will get right on that! Now before all my friends who are proponents of natural healing get all mad it me let me make something clear. I am not against natural healing methods. I know that herbs etc have natural healing properties. I know that massage therapy works because it works for me. I know people who have had great success using naturopaths etc.

My point is that it is all about degree and severity. You see a doctor and go to the hospital when your arm is falling off and you see a naturopath when you need help feeling better overall or dealing with allergies.


3 thoughts on “Well-meaning people

  1. Oh, I’ve been here, trust me, and I know what it’s like.

    Sure, that St. John’s Wort is just great for milder depressions, but when you’re suicidal and need to go to the hospital for ECT treatments, um, you GO.

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