It was a bit of a saga this morning. When they did my morning blood test my neutraphils had gone to .5 which was most frustrating. I had so hoped to go home today, I was missing being with and I was desperately missing the dogs. So when I got the news that they had gone I just about lost it. They gave me the injection that is supposed to encourage their growth. We decided to do another test at 2 and they had gone back up to .7.

Then the issue became getting a hold of all doctors involved to let me go. The resident had to talk to her senior, then the attending for their unit, the hematologist and the gastroenterologist all had to agree. It seriously looked like it would take until tomorrow but she was able to pull it off and I am very grateful.

I have to say that my experience in the Royal Columbian was quite good. I didn’t get to see much of the place as I was not allowed to leave my room, ever! As a lesbian couple we always expect some kind of homophobia when dealing with large institutions. The staff there were so good that I didn’t realize until we were coming home that there had been no homophobia. All the staff who worked with us knew because Deb and I are too big to fit into a closet.*

I am still pretty week. My hemoglobin is about 81 which makes me fall asleep when I am comfortable. Walking from one end of the house to the other is trying. My limbs feel like lead but this too shall pass. Last week I was noticing I having trouble walking from the car to the office and thought I better get back on my treadmill. I am holding off on that at least until I hit the low-end of normal for hemoglobin.

I am off to go and cuddle with my dogs and my sweetie if the dogs will let us.


*I think I stole that line from Deb.

3 thoughts on “I am home…

  1. Glad to hear you are home! I’m sure Deb and the dogs were delighted to have you home! Take it easy! And I’ll be sending positive hemoglobin thoughts your way!

  2. We had the most spectacular nurses on 3 North. Never once did anyone give us grief about our relationship, nor did anyone bat an eye when I was there far past posted visiting hours. The fact that we were very polite and respectful probably helped. We are also of a generation that says please and thank you and does not expect to be waited on when we can do for ourselves.

    *You did steal the “we’re too big to fit in the closet”line. You steal all my best lines.

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