I had blood work done Wednesday afternoon, the day after I left the hospital. I could not believe how much higher my counts were. The two I have been keeping track of are the neutrophils and hemoglobin. On Tuesday afternoon when the did blood work at the hospital my neutrophil count as .7 and my hemoglobin was 81. One day later my neutrophils were 1.6 and my hemoglobin was 91! What a difference a day makes. I think it was because I was home and I could cuddle with my sweetie and my poopers. I had more blood work today and I cannot wait for the results!

One thought on “Things are looking up…way up!

  1. Hello Chris
    So good to hear that your counts are up, our prayers and positive healing thoughts will continue to be sent your way. Wet kisses and paws crossed for your continued improvement.
    Let Deb and furbabies give your lots of cuddles ,hugs and kisses.

    Sassy, Toby, Benny and Keavy

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