When I first got my new iMac I absolutely hated the mighty mouse. I found it to be clunky and slow. The trackball wall but useless and apparently the ball got dirty very easily and had to be cleaned regularly. I was using the bluetooth version of the mighty mouse and found that when the screen saver was deactivated the connection was lost.

I went looking for another alternative. The only thing I could find made for the Mac was the Rocketfish Mouse. Overall it tracked way better than the mighty mouse. But it still had the problem of losing its bluetooth connection. It was so bad that I had to plug in a corded mouse at time to repair the connection.

I was quite excited when I heard about the new Magic Mouse. It works like a regular point and click devise. In addition, it has some features of the MacBook Track pad. You can scroll from anywhere on the device – horizontally and vertically. I have to admit that the scrolling function is nice. However, one of my complaints is that the scrolling is too sensitive – especially in Excel. When entering text or numbers in the last active cell, if you click below the mouse jumps way over. Perhaps it is just a function of getting used to it. I like the ability to easily zoom feature as well.

The Magic Mouse is slick. It’s really a work of art. It is comfortable to use and appears to be quite ergonomic. It runs on batteries and you can easily see the percentage of battery left through system preferences. Most importantly, the bluetooth connection has not been lost at all since I started using it.

4 paws out of 5 for Apple's Magic Mouse

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