In a week or so Deb and I will have been together for 11 years. For almost our whole time together we have argued about one thing: air fresheners. She would buy them and I would them. It didn’t matter what scent it was I generally had some kind of a reaction. I would usually get a sore throat and a headache and then I would complain, loudly. But that didn’t stop her from buying them! When you have as many dogs as we do there is bound to be some odour – especially when you factor in our incontinent ones.

Well, it would seem that the battle is finally over. A couple of weeks ago we were at TAP because I needed a massage and with all of my illnesses lately I have not been able to see my regular massage therapist. While we were there we found these scent ball diffusers that allow you to put a couple drops of essential oil and then it works just like a Glade Plug-in. Using essential oils means that we are not putting chemicals into the air that bother me.

The other day we bought an electric diffuser. Basically you put water and a couple of drops of oil in it and it steams out the scent. We have even agreed on a scent! So if you ever come to our house and smell eucalyptus you will know why!


One thought on “It only took 11 years….

  1. Essential oil diffusers are waaaay better! Then you can choose whatever scent you want, rather than just picking from the range of synthetic, chemical-laden crap out there. One of my favourites is lemongrass. It’s fresh & clean-smelling, not cloying, lemony but not Mr. Clean-y. 🙂

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