We do not have garbage pickup in Maple Ridge. I am not sure why but that is how it is. What this means is that Deb must pack up all the garbage in her truck and drive it to the dump every week or so. Over the summer and fall we had accumulated some junk that needed to go to the dump in the back yard. Given the we live on 1/2 an acre the yard is quite large.

Instead of hauling all that shit up to the driveway, Deb opted to back her truck into the swamp (who could blame her, it was icky and there was lots of stuff there). It all went well until she got about 30 feet in, at which point her truck sunk into the mud up to the axles. Deb had to leave for a meeting and did not have any time to try and deal with the situation. She was pretty sure that between her, L and A they would be able to get the truck out. L went out to dig for a bit but it was pretty clear that digging was not going to work.

So, L called BCAA as she has a membership. They sent out a wimpy, not even a 1/2 ton truck, with a light winch. There was no way this truck was going to pull the Ford Explorer stuck up to its axles in mud! He tried anyway but it didn’t work. He advised them to dig the truck out and he would come back tomorrow.

I did not like the thought of the truck being mired in mud overnight. I also did not want Deb and L out there digging mud to try and free it. What we needed was a big-ass tow truck with a real winch to come and get the truck out of there. So I started to call tow-truck companies. I called Maple Ridge towing. I explained the situation and what we needed. About 40 minutes later Larry showed up with his big truck and powerful lynch. Between pulling and winching he was able to get her out in about 1/2 hour. Yay Larry!

On another note: I am doing another month of NaBloPoMo and this month the theme is mitzvah which is about giving and kindness. I am generally a kind and generous person however, I have decided that I am not going to go out of my way to be kind and generous. Instead what you will see at the end of my post for the day is a ‘Mitzvah’ update. What I meant to say is that if, in the course of my day, I happen to do something kind and/or generous I will update it here. What I meant to say was that I was not going to stalk people to do kind and generous things. Instead I will post things I do on a regular basis that fit into the theme. I hope that makes sense! Thanks to Deb for point out that I sounded like a bitch.


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