Ok, I officially feel like a pin cushion. I had daily blood tests when I was in the hospital. Since I have been out I have had 3 per week. The problem is that I only have 1 vein that is accessible. So, every single one of the those tests has come out of that one vein.

On Friday, when I had the blood transfusion, they could not get another vein so I told the nurse about the ‘good vein.’ It worked for the transfusion just fine. However, it did get bruised in the process. I had some concern that it might not work for the blood test today. The lab tech tried in the usual place and it didn’t work. I suggested she go above the usual spot and it worked.

I really hope the end to this is near. I fear though that it is not. If I need a different treatment for colitis, it is delivered via IV. If the low hemoglobin persists I may need iron delivered by infusion and therefore IV as well. If any of these are the case, I am going to have to have a catheter put in my chest or a picc line in my arm. Hopefully, it won’t come to this but there are no guarantees.


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