Eleven years ago yesterday, Deb and I met at a lesbian discussion group run by Gaylines (they have a new name now) in Calgary. I had been going to the group for a couple of weeks before she showed up. We literally fell in love at first sight. I never really believed it possible until it happened. We had many things in common, some of it quite unique and very surreal. After that first meeting, as she was putting the chairs up (in typical butch fashion), I offered her a ride home and asked her if she wanted to meet my dogs. She of course said yes and the rest is history.

Finding your true love, your soul mate is an amazing experience. At the time I met Deb, I had all but given up on finding anyone I could be with. I was in my early 30s and had spent most of my life single. I had lots of really good friends but I had never had a successful relationship. Don’t think that it was all easy and just came to us – we have both put in a lot of hard work. One thing we share is values. I believe that the sharing of values is the most important determinant of success in a relationship. Activities, appearances and abilities come and go but values stay with you forever. I love you Deb, you are my one and only.


2 thoughts on “Would you like to meet my dogs…

  1. Congrats to you both. I cannot fathom the challenges you have faced over the years both personally/privately and publically. Kudos to you both… I am in awe.

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