Since I started this round of NaBloPoMo with the theme of mitzvah I have not been in much of a position to perform acts of kindness, planned or otherwise. Instead, it would seem, I have been the recipient. I am going to attempt to list below some of the kindnesses people have shown me. I know there is no way that I can remember all of them. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of low hemoglobin is poor memory. So if I forget you, please don’t take it personally. Instead feel free to humiliate me in the comments. So here goes:

  • First off, the emergency doctor who called to tell us to go to the hospital. I don’t know who he was so I can’t thank him. He did have a sense of humour though which was great.
  • My co-workers who visited me in the hospital and who brought me flowers, and stuffed animals.
  • My friends who visited me in the hospital and brought me flowers and stuffed animals. A special shout out to Meaghan and Mandy who brought me special stuffed dogs that I can adopt on the net.
  • Special thanks to those I live with who have babysat me and made sure I had everything I needed. Especially to Angelina who has been pretty much waiting on me hand and foot because I have been so tired.
  • My co-workers – who have been so generous with their concern and help at the office. Making sure that I didn’t do anything physical, bringing me things that I needed and reminding me not to over do it. Trust me, I am listening!!!
  • Kudos to Piper and Zoe who have been my faithful companions in my chair as I rested. I am sure they are responsible for my neutraphils doubling the night I was released out of the hospital. Other dogs (who shall remain nameless)* kept trying to trip me and get in my way…but, oh ya, this is about acts of kindness. Maybe they were just trying to break my potential fall…ya, that’s it!
  • My friend Joe who kindly asked to be put on the ‘list’ of people who are contacted when I get sick.
  • All of my friends who I have contact with through facebook. Reading your comments, well-wishes and notes of support really helped me more than you will ever know
  • Deb – what is there to say? She has done so much for me not only since I have been sick but every single day. It is the small acts of kindness she does every day like turning on the electric blanket on my side of the bed. She makes sure I have everything I need every day. She drove me to numerous blood tests, she sat with me through IV placements, blood transfusions. She brought me pumpkin soup from White Spot and chicken taco salad from the restaurant across the street from the hospital. But most of all she was with me. She looked after me, she helped me shower and she watched me sleep. I am blessed

If I missed anyone I am sorry.

*Tucker, Kiefer

Edited to add:

  • Jean, who brought me a fruit basket in typical English form. I am sorry I did not remember!!!

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