When I got my Mac I loved it of course. The one thing I hated though, immediately, was the Mighty Mouse. Within about 2 weeks I went out and bought a bluetooth Rocketfish mouse. It was far superior to the magic mouse but nothing to rave about. When Apple announced the Magic Mouse I was thrilled. Based on a combination of the iPhone interface and the Macbook Pro trackpad, both of which I love, I was sure it would be great.

I have not been disappointed. It scrolls very well. I like that you don’t have to use a wheel scroll. My only real complaint is that it scrolls too easily at times, especially horizontally. For example, when working in excel it seems to fly all over the place, both horizontally and vertically. You can control this somewhat by adjusting the scroll speed in the settings.

I have not yet mastered (nor really tried) some of the more complicated actions like pinching pictures to make them smaller or doing the reverse to make them larger like you can on an iPhone.  There are also some other actions that can be done with 3 and 4 fingers but I have not found a use for them as of yet.

Overall, the tracking on this mouth is fantastic. It also does not lose its bluetooth connection. Both the Mighty Mouse and the Rocketfish mouse would lose their connections all the time. Sometimes, I would have to connect a corded mouse in order to get it back. The Magic Mouse has yet to lose its connection. Overall it is worth getting this mouse as it is a substantial improvement over previous versions.


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